Trampa Holypro 17ply/15ply I Etoxx direct drive I Max6 SK3 190kv


Hey everyone I’m looking to sell my like new Trampa build. I built it a little over a month ago and only had about 3 riding sessions on it. On the last ride I fell and broke my wrist requiring surgery to fix it, so needless to say the wife’s a bit upset, and I’m not really anxious to get back on the board. I spared no expense on this board and went with what I consider a great setup. I’ll list some of the basic build specs, but I have some extra parts like a brand new holypro 15ply deck, two sets of tires, extra tube, two different battery enclosures and other small miscellaneous building materials. If you have any questions or want more pictures please PM me. I’m looking to get $2000, as I have close to $2800 in this board. I’m located in the states (Florida), so would like to try to sell local or US only. We can work out shipping costs if you’re interested.

Trampa Holypro 17ply deck. Extra 15ply E-Toxx Direct Drive Black aluminum / Carbon fiber Max6 Mount Max6 ESCs and Turnigy SK3 6374 190kv Motors Turnigy Gt2b controller with Mad munkey case. GoPro case for battery box with battery meter and xt90 loop key 8x 4s lipos, 4x 4s 4500mah for 9ah 8s, 4x 4s 6200mah have to be run two at a time for 6200mah 8s with current GoPro battery case. Have bigger battery box if you wanted to run all 4 for 12.4ah 8s. 4x Trampa primo tires, 4x MBS street tires.

I’m sure I’m forgetting things, but please Pm me for more details or questions.


Sorry to read about your wrist, sell the spare deck separately it will realise a better total for you

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Thanks man! Yea I’m actually considering parting it out. For one shipping everything will cost a fortune, and 2k is a lot for someone to drop at once.

Would you sell the motors?

What would you prefer 17 ply or the 15 ply I weigh 155 lb and Battery enclosures going to be on the bottom.

Hi has the board sold if not id like to purchase it

Read pls :slight_smile:

Hi do you have a board for sale?

nice Board… ja it availebil for Buy it