Trampa holypro | etoxx direct drive | 240kv aps | max6

I have the cutoff set to intermediate on the Max6 esc. I also noticed while charging that sometimes it will take a bit to actually start charging and pumping mah into the pack. I’m guessing because of that low cell. Should I just set the cutoff higher?

I had the tiny little 4mm set screw walk out of my pinions. I decided to upgrade. I tapped the pinion to a m5 and made a custom set screw with my drill(I don’t have a lathe). that would sit down inside the keyway on the motor shaft. Seems to be pretty solid now. I should have just had @Nowind make my pinions with key ways :joy:

Also polished motor spacers cause I got bored.


Super nice Pictures Dude !!!

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After a longer time i also come here to comment on how good the pictures look of your board!

So do you still use it just with 2x 5ah lipos or do u use all 4?

Hey man, cool build and pics.

What kinda top end are you getting? I’m also running Max6, and have been gradually tweaking things for more speed. Wondering how far I can go without getting too much cogging.

Tell them about that time your dad was riding your goofy foot binding setup as a front wheel drive and rode it straight into the end of a parking curb😂. (In the dark)

Ok I will. :man_shrugging:t3:

Both motors took a hit, and one of the axles bent so I had to get machined the spare hangar.

@Nowind 's direct drive laughed out loud at me and my cracked ribs.

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Sounds like a nice evening :joy: Cant imagine my Dad runs one of my Boards… he tryed my Drifttrike once… endet up in a similar disaster :sunglasses:

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Thanks dude. Yeah I currently just use two 5ah. I always ride with a small backpack to store spares. And I recently just got 4 More battery’s so now I have 8 total. I should be able to get close to 30miles out of it now. I was thinking about running 4 at a time. I *think I could get slightly better range that way? Less voltage sag when the battery’s get close to empty? Or would it be negligible??

@benjammin I haven’t clocked it honestly. I think I got it to about 26mph and I had more room to go. On paper I think it should do about 31mph/50kmh. Full throttle is scary, especially with no gear or even a helmet!

Oh ok, no problem, thanks for getting back. Yeah, I won’t even ride without a helmet and wrist guards with these things.

how does this board go. considering the price tag for the direct drive?

I picked up a chain drive and am going to give that a go. teh CNHL Lipos are pretty good i used to fly with them. looks liek they are a fair bit cheaper than the Graphines too. unfortuantly i ordered my 18650’s and they are on the way including the undermoutn enclosure haha but i might just sell the gear off and change my build. i like the direct drive the but price is almost as much as the board itself still tempting though but im running 192 KV motors wondering if these will work with the direct drive. i guess i wouldnt mind splurging if its an easy setup and forget kind of thing. what are your thoughts?

Is that a short holypro deck? There are so many holes on it. And how “short” does it compare to the other holypro?