Trampa holypro | etoxx direct drive | 240kv aps | max6

figured id make a somewhat quick build thread on this, since this forum is the reason i made this financial mistake lol! long story short, i was close to buying a boosted board, then a evolve gt, then i came across this forum and noticed some pretty awesome looking emtb’s and quickly realized that diy is the way to go. i knew i was gonna go with the holy pro complete board and was pretty set on the new vesc 6, i ended up scrapping the vesc idea and going dual max6 because they are pretty much idiot proof. maybe after some time i will upgrade to vesc6 and 12s. for the gear setup, im running the etoxx direct drive by @Nowind . (truly amazing machining on every part btw) the whole r&d that went into this must be pretty time consuming. after recieving all the parts and looking at them, its easily worth the price tag. i really wanted to run a compact setup, i hate bulky drive setups that stick far out. for motors, ill be running aps hev 6374’s 240kv. i think i may have some slight cogging but i wanted the top speed.

counter sunk for flush fitment for esc’s/ reciever case

very tight fitment on the case, this was about the only way it would fit in there with the battery capacity meter on top!

removed the connector to gain clearance

got this gt2b casing for @FLATLINEcustoms joel was great to work with and i highly recommend these cases, they are SOLID. full casted.


nice! What batteries are you running? Could be SLS from the look?!

hah a lot of parts! Anyways, wish you to have a nice riding experience once you finish assembling it!

Are you planning to ride mostly on streets or have u planned to go on some trails too? @lunasicc

At least I can see you have one more set of wheels there :smiley: So I assume u have planned to change the terrain a bit over time maybe :wink:

Yeah I have the primos for trail use. For the meantime it will be street.

@TarzanHBK they are chinahobbyline lipos. I got 4 5000mah 70c 4s. I think I’m just gonna run two in series then keep the others on me to swap out

good esc choice! hf putting her together

So I got this thing running. I must say, on level 5 punch on the esc. This thing is insane. I was expecting way way less torque. Even level 3 is a lot. Much smoother though. Overall it’s a blast to ride. I ran into some slight issues today though. My dad was watching me ride it up at the local school. I was in some loose dirt trying to get traction and he said there was about a 6 cm spark that shot out of my left side motor. Thought nothing of it, after another 10 minutes or so I noticed the same motor not spinning under light throttle. It was very brief. I thought maybe the esc turned off on accident and turned them both off then back on. Then it went Back to normal. I also noticed when I power on the esc’ they make 8 beeps indicating the cell count. The right side motor jolts on every beep like normal but the left side doesn’t. And that’s with the nuts backed off so I know it’s not any unwanted drag. Is this motor fucked? Anyway to ohm out the winding to see if there’s any kind of short? Here’s a video clip @Nowind I know you ran an identical setup. Any input?

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Hey If they was a big spark out of motor i would say yeah it is fucked up )-: You can check normaly if the windings are ok by this: seperate all 3phase : low resitance by turning motor 2 phases connected : increased resistance 3 phases connected : even more resistance

thanks for the reply jenso. rode some more tonight. it seems to be working good for now. not sure what the deal was with it. my dad rode it a bit. he rides left foot forward though. so i had to reverse the motor rotation haha. turned the brakes down so he wouldnt do a front flip. another question. my 5ah batterys seem to be charging at a total of around 5700-5800 mah. end cell voltage right at 16.80 volts. each cell voltage right at 4.20. thats normal right? and im guessing thats a good thing. the cell cutoff is what batterys depend on for charging anyway, they dont really go off mah.

It’s normal. Nice board :+1:t3:

Took it out to a near by bike trail along the river. Lots of hard pack trails too. Board did great. Motors got a little warm to the touch but the weather was about 40c so that was why. I got a little more than 13km on a single 5000 mah pack! Kind of shocking especially for pneumatic tires. Here’s a hill climb video, doesn’t look to steep but I think it’s about 30%. Still had room to go on throttle too.


looks cool dude! although those motor wires freak me out a bit, i’d run em through some wire mesh and tie em down a bit:)

Ya, everything else on the board I did really clean. The motors were a last minute install cause that was the last part I needed to ride and I was itchin to ride it lol. I’ll redo them in the next couple days.

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It seems your Spark problem is gone ! Nice! Your battery consumption on MTB with Pneumatics is lower then mine on a PU tired street carver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Crazy

Ya I’m not too sure what the deal was with it. I’m just gonna run it lol. The battery consumption was a lot of low speed mixed in aswell. So that pro ably helped a lot. I think a realistic range would be around 10km with some more throttle

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Should I set my cutoff a little higher? My first cell usually drains a decent amount more. Weak cell? A bms would solve this but I don’t think it’s necessary. My esc’s just cutoff the combined voltage of all cells. I know 3 volts is about the lowest you want per cell

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I think you got some serios drift in your cells Dude Not looking good IMO 3.41 to 3.05 is way to much Where is your cutoff actually?

I would keep a eye on those while charging. Look for swelling and heat.

Most lipo’s gets Damage pretty quick if you run Them under 3,5v pr cell. So now you know why you’r cells looks like this. Personly i only run mine down to 3,6-3,7 v. Pr. Cell

3.7 seems pretty high. I think most people discharge them to 3.2 - 3.3v/cell. That being said be aware of voltage sag when you get down to those low volts.

high performance lipos should be run down to 3.7V or 3.6V per cell. that’s what i do with my FPV lipos and they hold up well. There were 2 Lipos i really pushed down to below 3.6V per flight and they are garbage already after ~10 cycles. But those are really high performance lipos for small FPV racers. My 5Ah Lipos with low discharge (efficient big quadcopter) hold up great after almost 3 years down to 3.3V and i now use them in my board. so for Boards i’d say 3.5V if you have to, otherwise try to stop at 3.7V. of course it depends on different lipo brands and everything, but when in doubt stop a bit earlier.

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