Trampa Holypro MTB First build advice

Hi all,

First post on the site and first build in progress.

I currently have a Trampa Holypro with vertigo trucks, hypa hubs and all terrain tyres. I weigh about 75kg and will be using this board mainly offroad.

I have ordered motor mounts from Idea on this site.

I’ve also ordered a Focbox Unity which should be arriving in January.

The motors I am looking at ordering are APS 6384S (

Any recommendation on a battery for the above, I was thinking a 10s4p. Ideally the battery will be prebuilt (square) with battery screen, charger, BMS and switch if possible.

What do you think of my motor choice and battery? Also any recommendation of where I can source a prebuilt battery as above.

Thanks in advance

10S4P is imo a bit small. Normally people do 12S4P as a minimum, but something like 12S6P+ would be better for a offroad build. It mainly depends on your desired range, power output and budget.

10s4p should give you around 17km range :confused:

Ah okay thanks, I’ll look into getting a 12S4P instead. Any recommendations on where to buy one?

Liion or lipo? You in Europe?

Yes Europe - UK.

Not sure, which would you recommend?

Lipo will sag much less because they have higher discharge. Only if you get them above 60C. These you can build yourself. Liion ask: @pjotr47 @Acido @ALIENPOWERSYSTEM1 @fottaz @okp @darkkevind @PWR-BOARDS


And if you use lipos you could take a look at @Namasaki 's bms thread.

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I went with something bigger, 12S7P

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That looks awesome, I don’t know if I trust myself to build my own batteries yet though!

Thanks guys.

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