Trampa Holypro or 35 long for e-mtb

Looking for some advice on a future upgrade.

Bought a relatively cheap E-MTB that I modded the hell out of already (drove around 800 KM on it already). Dual VESC ( 1.1 as backup, FOCBOX currently in use), 4x 8000mah 30C Lipo, SK3 149KV. Suffices to say, the only original part left is the board/trucks and wheels. The trucks have allot of play (make noise) and it easily tracks + tends to exaggerate any bumps I encounter in the road at higher speeds (speed wobbles ensue). I have to put a big amount of pressure on my back leg to counteract that.

My statistics: Length: 1.89 meter Weight: 92 kg Feet: size 43 (EU), 10 (US), 9.5 (UK)

Riding characteristics Looking for something that approaches snowboarding, thus carving at higher speeds. Board needs to have flex (I know trampa offers different PLY boards). Mainly an offroad build. It rarely drive over concrete. Lots of hills/downhill.

Big question. What is the actual difference between the Holypro and 35 long when it comes to riding characteristics?

I don’t care about looks. Looking for something that reflects my style and offers stability, but enough flex for comfort. For snowboarding, I always liked the longer boards.

@trampa. Perhaps you can offer some advice.

The Holy Pro is shorter, and you will get the same stiffness using about one Ply less. The 35 Long has the trucks sitting further up the nose. The stance is lower and wheel base longer. The Holy Pro features a trimmed down nose section, allowing more space for the drive train.

Since you are tall, you might want to go for the 35 long 16 or 17 Ply.


I´m a bit lighter, but with clothes and a backpack with stuff in it, should be about 90 to 95 kg and i really enjoy my 16 ply holypro 35°. Not too soft to jump over stuff and not hitting the ground, but still stiff enought to ride with 40 km/h.

ah, yes…should also take gear into consideration. Backpack is always stuffed. I think I’ll go with 17.

16 Ply Holy Pro is always a good choice. Suites most riders…