Trampa infinity urban carve , 6374 170KV euskating , 10s4p

Hello @trampa ,can you confirme this is complete , if it’s selled with all necessary part or not ? And do you have a link for to buy a water proof film inner ?

It’s just the tray. The end covers you need to buy extra

@andy87 are you sure ? Because it had an option with the end , but i dont know if it ’ all parts

Green plug ???

I belive you have make an error of topic :blush: i speaking of trampa box flex here . It not had an xt90s

Ja sorry :see_no_evil: wrong answer to wrong topic :see_no_evil:

You can choose the end caps as option when you choose the length. There is a special drop down menu. But it add some costs on top

That’s correct. The Caps are CNCd from solid aluminium and are anodized black. They come with rubber grommets to feed through all cables. This kit allows you to make a custom length impact safe battery tray. Internal length = chosen tray length - 20mm.


Cool thanks frank @trampa . Do you know where can i buy impermeable film protective for use inner box ?

Do you want to ad slits?

No sorry . I speak protective waterproof to make inner . I dont know where to buy that :sweat_smile:

hello @trampa i had receveid my “order 12577” , but only with battery tray and xt 90 and xt90s . I have buyed the option : “would you like to purchase some battery tray end bungs with fixing bolts and rubber seals” but receved without parts of this option . Can you solved this probleme , thanks

Sure, we will check your order and ship the parts.


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other question . I want to buy a 66 pulley . Can you say me what’s size strongbelt to buy . My motor mount is the little , for gummies . thx

That is no good idea! You want the longer mount and a 460 Belt. The short one only works with the smaller pulleys. There might be a belt that flits, but tooth intermeshing would be terrible.


what would you say by that ? the strongbelt thooth can’t fit , or destroys the belt faster . the contact of the teeth of the pulley and the belt is not sufficient. What the belt jumps or breaks?

If the small pulley sits to close to the big one, the small pulley has little tooth intermeshing. Either ad a idler pulley or use a longer carbon panel.

On the small panel you can ad a idler pulley from our shop and go with a 425mm belt. you would need to make yourself an axle spacer for the idler to centre it.


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while waiting trampa send me the end box . I making that in petg 20180824_004916 it’s not clean but that work…:sweat_smile:

But i have one more problem . The axle of euskating motor is left from it ?!! The axle is jus glued without screw ??!! :joie:

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good joke , it’s not glued , just left screw