Trampa infinity urban carve , 6374 170KV euskating , 10s4p

hi i want build an electric trampa with : 440€ Trampa infinity urban carveboard 5.6kg (in 14 plies my weight is just 70kg) 85CM :o [ … 25551.html] 138€ GUMMIES Motormount en 13+ 44 tooth Pulley kit 0.383kg [ … 25712.html]

1x Motor euskating 6374 170KV sensored 1x vesc maytech 1x battery 10s4p , bms 10s 80A discharge ,20a charge, 2.2kg mini remote controller 2.4ghz less - 8.5 kg , for 600€ :mrgreen: (without électronique) and 1300€ for all for the weels ,i have look this news formats 6.5 inch :shock: ~ 16cm [ … 24912.html] In first time i wanted take a gummies (12.5cm) but air weels 6.5"(16.5cm) are better for paved road of paris (france)

for the pulley , i have the gummies motor kit with 13 tooth .But trampa have make an error and , i have received an 14 tooth . Less torque for speed not used… I want rebuild my battery to put it under the deck , and make an box

Otherwise I think about changing the motor axis for a longer , connectes with the other wheels . That would allow of save an max distance with good torque.

I received my order of trampa in just 3 days , it’s nice

Coooll…Or almost

-1-They forgot the screws and nuts to attach the trucks to the deck … -2-They forgot the T6 heat treated (to attach the motor) and these nuts … -3- he sent me a motor pulley of 14 instead of one of 13

In short I sent them a message, and who will live will see … Otherwise, in the meantime, I’m going to attack the battery box under the board and I still need: -inserts 8mm + gaines thermos + néoprène silicone + fils ppm silicone -hooks (next week with unikboard)

  • (+ late) full protection + long drive shaft 2em motor mount and pulleys
  • (no priority, nor essential) new voltmeter + lights + 3d print belt case + custom grip + spray paint orange blood + flame retardant fabrics

Hi looks like a cool build trampa will be back on to you they are on this form as well .

That battery pack does not look flexible to me if you want to use it under the deck.

It’s pretty normal that they forget things in your order…

But congraz with your awesome board :grinning:

If something is missing we will post it over Monday morning. The 44tooth pulley is to small. You will need the 66. 14 tooth on motor is better than 13. More teeth interlocking. Batteries need to cope with flex. Ask @Eboosted, he has plenty of experience.

But he ordered the 13 tooth one…

Yes, but we have 8 carvers in our personal fleet, and they all have different setups. I know what works and what the best setup is. The 6.5 work a treat with 66/14. If you ask for torque and use a 44 slave pulley, the setup needs to be tweaked. The 170kv produces more top speed than needed. So gears should match desired top speed with good torque. 13 teeth is possible, but 14 is better IMO.

Email to Ted, he will sort out your order and ship what you are missing.

Don’t you think it’s better to get in touch with the customer, explain the situation, offer them what you think is better, and with their consent send them the different item?

IMO 14T is better, but maybe he’s been planning this for years, and needs exactly 13T…

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it’s not really a problem .I had chosen in 13 just for the balance speed/torque between the wheels of different size 83mm/125mm/165mm : -13/44 = 83mm/28 km/h 125mm/42 km/h 165mm/56 km/h -14/44 = 83mm/30 km/h 125mm/45 km/h 165mm/60 km/h -14/66 = 83mm/20 km/h 125mm/30 km/h 165mm/40 km/h in 44 the difference between 13/14 isn’t big… but I thought I could use the same pulley/belt for 83mm wheels . In reality i can’t use the kit pulley/belt with 83mm . For my battery , i don’t have choice , it’ necessary to re-build this.

The second photos explain the structure now… I just have to make 4 cuts in the metal band, then solder wires between the 8 cell blocks. flexibility is needed from the front to the back of the deck only. What makes blocks of 145mm x 65mm…

I had sent a message through your website trampa . should I send another one to ted? And if so, to what email ? Thx you for your reply :blush:


Hi @trampa Since I have not received all of them yet, I had not boarded the board yet. But, now that I’m riding it, I’ve just seen that !?

The belt is in 350mm , I do not think that’s the problem, but earlier the motor mount. Can you confirm ? And I ordered guffie. Is it enough to dismount the mount and replace it ? This mount isn’t it for normal mtb + trucks trampa ??

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I need to look at your order. You have the long carbon panel, which is used for pneumatics with 66/13,14,15 transmission and 460 belt. The gummies are usually mounted with the short carbon panel and 350 mm belt.

There is simple fix: A 400mm belt does the trick.

Since your built is quite unusual, using the 44 tooth pulled on pneumatics, in combo with the long panel, we never thought of the arising issue. I ordered 400mm belts, so we have some stock next week.


Ok it’s that the problem . Normally it should have been the carbon panel for gummies . Thank you for taking your time for this

I put the engine in place with this motor mount, and here is the result :

without wanting to be boring , the result is not acceptable. Could not send it back to you, so that you sent me the one normally contained in the pack for gummies that I ordered ?

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Hi, it really depends on your built. Some use 7" pneumatics and a motor with ling shaft and support bearing. A short panel would not work in that case. We can swap panels, no problem.

@trampa hello I saw that you received the motor mount . Could you confirm that you have identified it, as such, seeing that I wrote the information on the back of the envelope (num order exchange) , not on a paper letter in . i had send a mail at ted , but i don’t had repond

The mounts didn’t arrive yet, but your new mounts are out.


what’s happen ? the number track says it was distributed : LA016797358FR

i’m sorry really , i don’t understand what’s happen .

I’ll check that, thx. Frank


nice , with trampa wheels 165mm outflat 0 bar , i can roll 24 kms , and with 3.5 bar (50psi) 44kms :heart_eyes: . With my 10s4p 10ah