Trampa like deck..?

So the urban carver trampa is my dream build, but from my uderstanding, the board is not so stable at higher speeds? I will never use bindings, so this is a huge concern for me, are there any this tipe of decks with this futureistick looks like trampa? Besides the Canada made one.

What do you consider higher speeds?

Look at the MBS Comp 95, a little sanding and paint and it will look way better, give you more road feel and better carves.

45kmh+ 10char

Hmmm I think Trampa decks are fine for abit over that.

I just checked and apparently i hit 41kph on a Chinese budget board earlier but it wasn’t really scary or unstable. Only when I felt like it was getting tired while keeping off the speed wobbles.

Plus I’ve seen some trampa builds like kaly easily hit those speeds without bindings and they looked solid

Should be fine on 17 Ply with stiff dampers or a high preload.

Didn’t had any problems with 15ply and yellow dampas front red in the back till 50km/h and pneumatics. Over that it gets a bit shaky for me.

my cruising speed is 40-45, I rarely push more, but at 45 I need to be as stable as a rock, do you loose a lot of stearing with hard dampas?

50 is insane! The beauty of riding is in carving and accelerating out of corners. Anything is possible, it just depends on your setup. Some guys here on the forum hit 70km/h on our boards. I do not support advertising such speeds in the public. The carver can be set up from stiff to turning on a dime. Achievable speed really depends on the tuning of the board.

Well I use it as a comuter, but do go with trafic, so that’s why it has to be super safe, besides that, i think it’s the most amazing deck ever.

Yes you lose. If you want to carve also in the traffic they will restrict you a lot in your turning radius. The elastomer dampers from @Nowind seem to be a good alternative. They should be also stable at higher speed. As min i hope so.

If I remember right @Kug3lis also made some dampas which give you a good turning radius plus stability on high speeds

That option will soon be available. New parts arrive soon.

15 would be way too flexible for me. 17 already bounces nicely. Depends on your weight, but if speed is all you care about there is no reason to risk a bouncy board by going lower ply…does not mean 15 won’t work, but 17 will surely work.

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Fully agree

My brother back in the uk has a 17ply street set up and hes like me a big boy and I rode that thing last visit over 50 with no issues and it still carves up a storm. Any faster than that on uk roads and you’re asking for trouble. We are heavy though at 110kg Have you looked at the new orsomm decks from trampa?

But you told me that style eats tires, so I go straight and fast. JK

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30-34mph (48-54kph) feels fairly stable on a 17 ply deck, even without dampas.

Excuse the shaky cam, I was doing mini carves without a motorized gimbal.


It’s most certainly possible, even with wobbly mtb tires. 120 kg with backpack, 1.89m tall and the softest dampers with a preload of 7 turns or so. Only have to make sure I catch irregularities in the roads with my legs, rather than letting the board bounce it out. Top speed 52.

This one has gummies on it and yes lots of damping through the legs and vigilant eyes!

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I weigh 109kgs what board you recommend? I like the look of the carver but I was advised to get the HolyPro 35° in its place. Since you’re the manufacturer I figured I would double check. Thank you in advance for your help.