Trampa | MBS Matrix2 | 10S3P | 6374 | Batman Cruiser

The batman came from when my 3yr old boy saw the finished product his eves lit up and said it was a batman skateboard. The plan was to build a mountainboard but then I got to thinking - there are no mountains on the way to work. I started looking at all the wheels out there and at the time they were either 97 thane or larger off road type tires. When trampa showed a picture of the low profile thanes on his hubs I got excited about the possibility of getting those by the time all the parts arrived and I figured out how to do everything. That never happened so after a bit of googleing I found some razor gokart tires that looked pretty cool and were actually rubber and about 110mm dia. I modeled up an inner wheel support and sent it off to Idea to be printed along with a few pulleys. It was done 2 days ago but had problems with enertions nano x controller (that is another thread - not happy). Here is a list of parts and some pics - cant wait to ride it

14 ply short board - Trampa 6374 Motors - Kaly Segmented cover - Kaly, I bought epoxy and carbon fiber fixins but havent got around to it yet (one of these days) Wheels - Razor GoKart Pulleys and wheel guts - Idea 3Dprinted Belts - Mounts - I made them Batteries - Samsung 25 - from group buy last year Arduino spot welder - Awesome - thanks Sl33py BMS - 10s Bestech VESC - torqueboardsd Trucks - MBS matrix2 Controller - NanoX - worked long enough to pair with receiver then went tits up. telemetry and VESC adjustment on the go - perimetr and metr

Damn- still needs grip tape


Good looking build. Those wheels are bad ass!

Thanks - they even smell like rubber, wife wont let me keep it in the house.

The Razor Wheels are 8mm bearings what size are your axles? Or did you change something?

the wheel look awesome man… is inflat? or hard?

Where can i get the wheel and pulley?

Nice build. Should be plenty fast. Something funny looking about those wheels, :joy: but awesome at the same time. Like a big knob. Can you buy those wheels on their own, where you get them?

Ya, finding 12mm id 22mm od bearing wasn’t easy. The bearings only came in 5mm thickness so I might end up using 4 per wheel. We’ll see how the single holds up.

The wheel is solid rubber. I got them at

I modeled the part that goes inside the hub and @idea made the pulleys and the part that goes in the hub

I have those same Razor Wheels. How did you get the bearings out. Without damaging the wheels?

Nice! I used s flat blade screwdriver and a hammer. I stuck the screwdriver through the top bearing center and put it on the edge of the bottom bearing. Then gave it a tap with the hammer. The screwdriver I used had a thin tip so it fit through the top bearing center and caught the inside edge of the bottom bearing.

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Ok sweet, thanks. I’ll try that. That makes it a whole lot easier. :sunglasses:

Do you know what the durometer rating is (75A, etc)? Or, even, just super soft, soft, medium, hard?

No idea what the durometer is - it is medium.

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These wheels are so damn cute.

More like “Batman-child” board. :smile: Good to see you finally completing this build. Looks like fun. Kind of like a go-kart board with those wheels. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on how they ride and wear. Do you know what the rubber thickness is?

Did you end up using the 12x21x5 bearings with the binder shims? I’m still working on finishing my setup using this method, but with 4 bearings per wheel. Feels pretty solid in push board form so far. It seems 12x22x5 bearings are really hard to come by and ridiculously expensive and 12x22x7 or x8 bearings basically don’t seem to exist.

(Paging @tux-scooby…)

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The rubber thickness is about .75" to 1" and rides awesome. I took it our for a few miles yesterday, it was a little awkward at first with the arch instead of being concave with a kicktail as I usually ride. That thing is a beat though, i was going up hills that I didnt think I would be able to and only pulling 11amps for a second. I only got it up to 20mph but there was a lot of wind so it seemed faster.

Yes< I am starting with 2 bearings per wheel and if I feel I need more or one blows out I will use 4 per wheel. I bought 2 sets, a shitty set and the one I linked you to that are used for bikes and are of much better quality. Yes, the correct bearing is about 15.00 per bearing and that was too much for me to spend on something I didn’t know was going to work. My other option was to buy a lath and modify the bearing hub - wasnt going to that either.

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Lovin’ the grip tape design. Very cool build :+1:

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Thanks for tag :slight_smile: I will continue to follow this :slight_smile:

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