Trampa Motor Mount Dust covers

Hi can any one sell me 2 Trampa Motor Mount Dust covers ??

I do not have access to a 3d printer .

Any help please

If you send me the file I can print it. Where are you located?

Mallorca an island in Spain.

I can send u the file tonight roughly how long would it take for me to receive it and it cost ?

What colour and material do you need?

Black material

Must be very strong so it does not brake.

I can send you the files and some other info u can look at and please let me know how much you would charge me to make 2 + shipping to me and how long would it take until I received them ?

I can’t seem to upload them to you here (unsupported format) so would need your email address to send them to ya.

I know thats not what you need but I have translucent red PLA if that’s something you are interested in. Just pay shipping.

I really don’t know anything about 3d printing or material they use . But my colour scheme on my board is red so that might look nice .

If you make it out of that material will it be strong and suitable for the application?

Can you send me your email so I can send you the files ?

It tells you what material they use .

Thanks so much dude