Trampa mountainboard build

  • Trampa HS11 deck

  • Trampa Spring Trucks

  • Trampa helical spur gear drive

  • Flipsky 6.6 + with VX2 remote

  • Flipsky 6374 motors running in FOC mode

  • Flipsky NRF51822 Bluetooth telemetry module

  • KalyNYC enclosure

  • 12s4p 704 Wh Samsung 40T unprotected battery pack


Now thats what we call a build thread :joy:


Awesome looking board man!


So cool, the helmet and the fog make it look so badass, not to mention the board :wink:

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It’s not fog kid, that’s smoke from going 88mph. That miles per hour not k’s per meter. Or something like that

Oh yea, I forgot to mesure things in burgers per freedom squared. My bad :wink:

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Woah woah man. Pie is always squared into 8 pieces. So if johnny has 1 piece and Sally has 1 piece, how many pieces are left?

My pies are usually round so I wouldn’t know, but theoretically Johnny and Sally didn’t eat the pieces so 8 pieces remain…

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3.14x2x8=x-2 that’s as smart as I am. 3rd grade

*x_init = (3.14^(2 )*8)

x_final = x_init - jonnhy - Sally

<=> x_final = (3.14^(2 )*8) - 2

Seems more logical to me…

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Hi was there a problem with the Flipsky shaft? from the motor it goes 10mm and decreases to 8mm. I have now ordered an engine Flipsky with an extended shaft and an Trampa open belt. So I’m curious about that.

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Ok good to know.

I thought it was freedombibles per cheeseburgergun LoL :laughing:

Wow, this board is gorgeous!

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Amazing board! Wish I had something like it.

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Start saving and build it. Anything is possible :metal:

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The base level version of this board is only like $600, non-electric, gravity board.

It’s cheaper to buy a Trampa like this. You save money as a package deal, all you have to do, is electrify it. That’s how I built my first Trampa, as a non-electric complete board from Trampa. Consider the fact that a full set of their deep dish Megastars is only $100 extra when you purchase a complete, non-electric board. Where as a full set of 4 of them is like nearly $400 by themselves.

You just add the electric parts when you can afford them, piece by piece.

I understand, that it’s still expensive, but it’s not as prohibitive as people tend to think. If you buy each piece over the course of a year, perhaps it’s manageable? Anyhow, I hope that you get one, my friend, take care.

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It can be a problem. It depends on how thick your mounting surface is, and how much room you have to spare. It’s not really a problem with belt drives, but it can be a problem with gear drives. Worst case scenario, you might have to 3d print or make a spacer, or cut the end off.