Trampa MTB board, hub motors, focboxes and 11s5p battery EU


Selling DIY my Trampa eMTB board: board: 16ply 35º HOLY PRO MTB with bindings and heel straps

escs: 2x focboxes (1 needs replacing)

battery: Samsung 30Q 11s11p - haven’t reached maximum range yet

motors: resoldered 8" hub motors. max speed around 40 km/h, lots of torque

remote: Flysky FS-GT3C

enclosure: waterproof pelican like box

Whole board 1200 € inc shipping inside Europe

Additionally selling:

knee guards: Force XP/B suurus L/XL - 70 eur

full body armor: Thor Sentry XP - 100 eur

Hey, sounds good, i’m interested do you have some pics ?

Going to some share pictures tomorrow :slight_smile:

Very [email protected]!

@Skirra what is still available?

Shame to admit but yes, had to postpone the selling to use parts for another project, but for now it is again back in sale. Current state is unassembled.

Selling as is. I’ll try to make photos of focboxes and remote at some point.

Interestes. Do you have better pictures og board underside, focbox. The rear truck looks a bit abused, is it just scratches, or did you remove material?

Rear truck is redrilled to adapt those 8" hub motors. Also the wire of motors are going through the truck. Scratches are from removing the original axle.

I’ll add pictures of underside and focboxes.

Do you ship outside of us and are you willing to sell just the battery?

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If you are willing to only sell the deck/bindings/straps let me know.

Yes, I can sell the deck with straps and motors(since they are already integrated to the rear trucks). I’ll ask 500 for it including shipping.

Would you sell just the deck?

I’m only interested in the deck, but no problem :slight_smile:

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are you willing to part with just the enclosure and unities…I keepo blowing up my VESC trying to make my own wiring harness and VESC(s)…

You sel only the board?

How much for battery