Trampa? or is it an evolve anyone got any news about this board?

I wanted to get this board but the drive system look flimsy and since Ive never worked with a trampa board I wanted to get some experienced opinion about buying it and replacing the drive system, remote and esc maybe. Thank you for your time ahead of time and I look forward reading every comment… even if i did respond to ur comment directly I will be reading and will value your opinion.

Weak. $300-400 more you can build something better that will actually last you.

Trucks, tires, rims, motors, battery will all end up in the trash.

  • Buy Cheap - $1299.99 + $1699.99
  • Buy Better - $1699.99 :smile:

thanks preciate your input.

Is this Diyeboards junk slapped on there?

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If you look at accessories, you can see the quality of their products…Then realize that it is not cheap, actually way too expensive for such low quality products that could put you life in risk…Better to buy smart (read, ask, read more…learn enough), and put your money in the right place…Also good components have a great resale value…

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Never buy a board that you have to think about modifying that extensively. Go DIY (Torqueboards can help), pick your parts carefully and take your time. I promise you a better end result.


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I wanna go DIY as well but it is kind of expensive considering I am fresh out of undergrad along with the fact that stockpiling used part takes a while and even some new parts are sold out or take a long time to get a hold of

it was in my shopping cart, if i want have to upgrade it I probably need someone to sell me cheap I really need a board and batteries (ive had problem with the components coming loose inside despite putting glue and silicon to stick them to the board).

There are good offers that sometimes appears for that kind of money…just be patience, and search…it will happen sooner or later…from builders that want or need to get rid of a great board to build another one…or maybe they have too many boards…cause…it is addictive…

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This hobby isn’t cheap if it seems like too good of a deal it probably is. Bad components can seriously injure you. Save a little more for quality stuff.

What are you riding now?

The board you linked is the same old recycled crap that even most Chinese board manufacturers are no longer using, because the whole kit is unreliable.

Poor battery, which will only allow 50A amp draw, split in half for two motors. Poor range and climbing capabilities as a result. You can’t reuse this battery for higher performance builds. The motor controller will also be 50a max with poor braking performance and no way to program/adjust it.

The trucks and wheels are unstable/manufacturing inaccuracies cause slop, such as the kingpin moving around due to oversized holes and crappy bushings. No dampers either, so the hoard will be difficult to control at higher speeds.

Those are all critical components. General rule is, cross reference the parts you see with diyeboard parts. If the majority is diyeboard, run and don’t look back.



Just to give you an idea. Nothing fits properly. That stuff should all fit like a glove, but instead there was a max. of 3mm play between most parts, which caused a big racket when riding.

Very happy with my Trampa. A good maintained second hand Trampa or MBS (with matrix 2 trucks) is a far better and more stable platform.

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You are missing opportunities…good luck!

thanks ill keep an eye out

so i should look for something that is well machined and everything should fit nice and snug?

gotchu preciate the insignt i am literally copying everything you said on notepad and keeping it on the side as notes

yea i saw that a while back but my first year out of undergrad salary is kinda lack luster i wanna save 3 month worth of wage first

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evolve board with new batteries at wheels land yatch unity 10s5p battery 6355 evolve truck and gummies shitty remote that is reliable but i dont like the shape too big and clunky to fit into my pocket and etc… acton blink s2 ive got some parts and like an extra battery pack and etc…