Trampa Orange, Pink, white and blue dampas

Hellow, not sure if they just came out but i never saw the pink ,orange , white nor blue Trampa dampas before. I was going for some Barrels but as the money is getting very short i might try some orange dampas if they worth it.

I currently use green dampas (i weigh ± 85kg) and the turning radius of my board sucks balls. I also like riding without dampas in the front but it’s not ideal at all for higher speeds or when going offroad.

Does anyone have some experience with these?

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White and blue they had before as well. pink and orange are new.

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I didnt remember they had white and blue. Which duro do you use?

Hehe, even same hardness with same color oh well trampa no wonder :smiley:

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I used yellow and red on one before, now I use etoxx elastomer damper instead. On the Heavy board i have yellow and blue.

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Indeed, I already saw your orange ones before. Are your version of the dampas same hardness as the Trampa ones? Did they even copy the color you used :slightly_smiling_face:?

As i was unsure of the carving possibilities with soft shore dampas i just ordered some barrels, they should arrive next week. Unfortunately I have Infinity trucks so i will only be able to install the barrels on the outer postition of the trucks. I hope this will still be better than dampas for carving and stability… Someone has any experience with barrels installed on the outer truck position ? What’s your opinion?

Just tried out the orange ones and they are pretty close to when I was running without dampas - responsiveness was almost as good as just springs. Only downside so far is that turning angle is a little less than only springs, maybe 5mm less when at full lean. Update later when I’ve had more time with them…

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That’s good to know, I found the green ones too hard to make proper turns, and had speed whobbles at 38kmh with the green dampas. Its nice that @trampa finally released softer duro dampas. I’ve now installed the barrels and it’s night and day… No more speed wobbles,never…the board remains stable a 50kmh. I really like the feeling of the barrels, it’s difficult to describe. they seem more reactive compared to springs Haven’t tested them much off-road yet but iam pretty sure they will be OK. Will report later.


Do let us know if it makes turning radius better, that’s what I wanna know before I pull the plug