Trampa Pro Mountain Board. I have questions

A MTB has bindings and that will help you to ad turning radius. Going off-road, you want stability and a stiffer setup is better.

We now moved to adding the holes for the inner position, but that is a transition period. All new stock will come with dual position. That is why the new electric hangers have the dual position.

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@trampa I wasn’t able to reduce drag. I loosened the screws as much as possible, but the belt assembly wouldn’t budge. Any other tips?

Also: I’m designing a battery right now. What currents does the board actually draw? I know the Vesc can do a lot but is that actually needed? What values would I design my fuse for?

When the hex screws are loose, you should be able to move the drive a bit.

Battery: each VESC 50 A peak. So 100A is realistic. 12S 8P should fit.

@trampa You are referring to those right?IMG_20190608_205657

Which direction should they move in? I assume pushing the motor closer to the wheel should make it more loose? Also how far should they move? 10th of mm, mm, 10x mm?

Also: Tried to change the battery indicator today but I’m confused by the options I have, I can choose between c, p and f. Which one is the right one for Lithium Pouch cells? C was the closest one but still like 5% off from what the Vesc shows.

Those screws are the ones. Losen them, pull on motor to tension belt, lock one bolt down a bit, so that you can let go pulling on motor. Finally lock down all bolts. Batt indicator: C