Trampa Pro Mountain Board. I have questions

Hi guys,

I am as of today a proud owner of the new 2019 trampa electric mountainboard pro and I’m pretty excited about it :slight_smile:

However I have some questions, that I couldn’t find an immediate answer to. Maybe @trampa or somebody else can help.

  1. The carve/steering is super hard, I am rather lightweight, but I chose the yellow dampers and considering that the same trucks are used on the urban carve without bindings, I have a hard time understanding how that could be possible. I already released the screws on the springs to the maximum. Is there any other way to make the steering easier?

  2. The back is incredibly hard to turn by hand (the wheels that is). I can barely drag it behind me without a considerable amount of effort. My DIY board is a lot easier to pull, why is that the case?

Thanks! Julian

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Mount the springs in inner hole position


You can try getting the elastomer dampers and putting them in the inner truck holes.

Do you have the enclosed belt drive?

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Yup, enclosed drive :slight_smile:

Good idea, couldnt find any docs on the trampa side saying that was possible, but it makes a lot of sense.

The enclosed drive has a lot of drag.

It does get a little better as the belt breaks in but not by much. You can try putting some grease under the v-ring too.

Interesting. Why is that? How does it differ from the regular one apart from the enclosure?

My guess is the idler combined with the v-ring cause a lot of drag.

Theoretically, if you are lightweight and don’t have trouble with belt skipping you could remove it as long as you use a shorter belt.

It does feel bad but in the end it does not affect performance much.

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Yeah the breaking without skipping is impressive, I wondered how they achieved that.

Thanks for the hints, I really love this forum, that took all of three minutes :slight_smile:

Well, if you need a spare enclosed belt drive, I have one for sale :rofl:

Well I havent broken them yet, but I probably will :joy:

Not an easy task. They are quite sturdy and the bash guard works wonders.

You can go without dampas in the front. Springs can be mounted in inner or outer position.

Drag: you can loosen the four hex bolts holding the drive train. Then you can adjust the belt tension by pulling on the motor. The entire drive moves! After adding the desired belt tension, you tighten the four bolts equally. These four bolts also clamp the drive to the truck. Please assure the wheel nut is not to tight. It should be tight enough to eliminate all and any play, but not more. Other wise you will block the wheel. So go in small steps and push pull on the wheel (sideways) to check for play. Once the play is Zero, you are good.

Try without the dampas entierly. Removed them and never went back :slight_smile:

If you ride with bindings you can get a lot more steering from the same setup. For stability, I would drop in dampas in the back. Everyone is different and there is no standard setup that fits all riders. There is plenty of adjustability, so it should be quite easy to find a suitable combination.

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On the front I can’t use the inner position because there is no hole for it on the bottom, why is that?

Because it is an MTB and not all models have that as standard. Infinity hangers have the inner position, and the very new electric drive hangers have that feature.

It is not really advisable to use inner spring position on a full scale MTB with bindings. Some people use the wide hanger on carvers and so we added that into the new hangers.

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Your only option is to take off the dampas. If you like the way dampas look, do what I did here

How I wish trampa made springs with less tension. When I first got mine, I found it really hard to turn too but it does get better with practice.

Okay, thanks, I removed the dampas for now, we’ll see how that works :slight_smile:

@trampa why would you not advise to use the inner position?

Tried that, wasnt able to move the motors a lot, the drag didnt change though.