Trampa setup/Urban AT carver/12s/dual TB esc's/custom mounts/

In addition, I’ve already purchased the two esc’s from @barajabali, belts from SPD(15mm), wheel pulleys from trampa (15mm), aluminum for the mounts (6 thousand series 1/2 inch), and some misc things like the remote.

Right now my biggest question has to do with MOTORS

because of my 15/66 drive ratio, 170kv puts me at a theoretical top of 37mph, at 80% efficiency that’s around 30mph.

I know I don’t want to go faster than that, but having the extra wheel speed available is a plus in my mind.

Ollin Boards 170kv 5065 -pros- light enclosed keyway 8mm shaft perfect kv -cons- only 50mm might be cutting it really close on dual for length if you look at my truck dimensions…

I could also go with a 6355 from Torqueboards, Enertion, @michaeld33 (with 10mm shaft, limiting pulleys alot), but all those are higher KV than I’d like to deal with… They would all easily fit my setup though without sacrificing power, except for the KV problems.

Turnigy 6374’s are outa the question though for length…

What are your thoughts?

@chaka, @barajabali, and @Nowind your’s would be greatly appreciated!


I think torqueboards has 170kv and 190kv 6355’s now. New and improved stators over the 230kv versions.

ah, @torqueboards does have a 170kv 6355… diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-170kv/

This now becomes a big decision between the Ollin 5065 and TB 6355.

Same KV. Same shaft size. Both sensored. 4$ difference.

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@JLabs group buy has 6355 190kv, only $60 each :money_mouth: . also sensored.

Might be cutting it close with 15mm belts and the OM5065’s, they are actually 70mm overall. Looks like it’s going to be a fun board!

The Trucks must perform very differently with these Angled ends of the board ?

Hi Builder,

this will be a fun board! Why don’t you just pick the stuff we offer? Our mounts will work for the 83mm, the 90mm and 7" Wheels. Lots of brainwork in there to achieve this unique feature!

Left and right mounts are available!

The desired top speed is far to much! You can drop in Dampas to reach higher speeds, but: Its a Carver not a racer!

You would loose all the ability to take sharp turns. These Mini Spring Trucks really behave completely different to longboard trucks! They are so much more fun to ride. You really want TORQUE, not topspeed. You want to take steep turns and then accelare to take the next turn.

Our 136 KV @ 1Nm motor is really nice to reach the desired speeds. Designed to run on 12S, it has plenty of torque and is fully HALL sensored + temp sensored. Its really designed to match the VESC setup perfectly.

Guess who did the testing, consultancy and final tuning? Its a motor without any compromise, designed to go hand in hand with the non compromising VESC.

The 136KV@ 1Nm motor would give you 42Km/h top speed on 12S. That is far beyond any scale of ride comfort and safety!

You don’t want that extra “wheel speed”, because this would make your setup very inefficient when you ride at lower speeds or want to ride up a hill. You want to gear exactly for the average speed you ride and the hills you have to take. This way you run the motor mostly at peak performance, draining a min of Amps + have lots of Torque.

All you currently do is loose Torque and run the motor not at the performance curve section. The difference is: 70% COP vs 90% COP. It really depends on how well you choose your gearing and corresponding Motor KV + Voltage!

Hope that helps a bit to get a perfect setup running.

Frank from Trampa


Thanks for the suggestions frank!

I went ahead and ordered two 66t pulleys with the board, and will be making my own mounts.

Unfortunately, with my current budget I can’t shell out $265 per motor as you have them listed, I will be going with some of @JLabs 6355’s. I am also concerned with the truck width (I will be using aluminum mounts instead of the super thin carbon you guys are designing), so the sk3 6374 149kv is also out.

Also the speed controllers will be torqueboards 12s esc, which doesn’t have sensors, so I wasn’t taking that addition into account, even though it is a nice touch!

I think at my weight (60kg) topping out at 30mph isn’t going to be horrible, especially riding in a dual config. I won’t ever go that fast, but when riding in sand/dirt it’s fun to get a bit of wheel slip.

I may just drop the voltage down to 10s to drop the top speed even more. still undecided one the battery front, only concrete figure is that I will be going with lipos.

Budgets man, they ruin all the fun! :wink:


ok… so here’s the price breakdown thus far:

-Trampa Urban Carver: $400 after shipping -2x Trampa 66t 15mm wheel pulley: $90 -4x 15mm 425mm belts HTD5M: $56 -2x 6354 190kv @JLabs motors: $132 -2x Torqueboards esc’s with programming card from @barajabali: $245 -6001 series 1/2inch thick aluminum (a lot of extra too): $30 -GT2B: ~ already have -UBEC: ~ already have -Lipo charger ~ already have -Misc wire, connectors, etc: ~ already have

Spent thus far: $953

needed: -15mm Motor pulleys (12t? 15t?) -BATTERY SETUP -enclosure style

I currently have about 180-200 that I can spend right now. This makes me lean towards a lipo setup just because I wire together two 6s batteries and get a running board without spending even more of a fortune.

That said, I do have a complete that I could sell… really don’t want to hassle with parting out, but would be willing to let it go for cheaper in order to fund this mountain board.

75a 83mm Abec flywheels/caliber trucks silver/torqueboards most recent mount/ single torqueboards 230kv 6355/ Castle creations mamba monster 2/ gt2b/ fiberglass case/6s4p lg cells (no BMS, just lipo charger/balance plug)

Pictures will start rolling in this week as the board will be showing up- already have some small things like the aluminum!

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I don’t make motors xD, you probably mean @chaka.

My bad, meant to tag @JLabs!

Fixed now

Hi cmatson, Why didn’t you buy the slave pulleys together with the wheel sided pulley?

I would go for 13 teeth. Regarding the space available between the pulleys, I can help you to figure that out. I think Sk36374 will not be possible. Let me have a look…

Two VESCS would be better if you ask me. Current control, temp sensoring, FOC, super smooth startup without sensors, canbus…


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I’ll probably get some from @torqueboards, as he’s local to the states, so it’s a fair bit cheaper.

I’ve gone ahead and purchased two 6355’s, so I’ll definitely have enough room on the back for the drivetrain to all fit!

Vescs are great for street boards (have 3 of them) but for this high current board I wanted to go with something a little more beefed up.

First impressions of this board are amazing!! You guys killed it and shipping was like 4 business days to the states. Bravo, bravo


I’m waiting on delivery of the complete (except battery and electronics) Street Carver, which is a close cousin of this Urban Carver. I’ll be setting it up with at 12S with a VESC.

@cmatson I look forward to seeing your complete setup. Have you given much thought to enclosures? The flexy deck presents challenges. I’m thinking of either (1) putting everything in a box on sloped portion on the back or (2) putting the batteries in the front and the electronics on the back, but I’m not in lo ve with the idea of either solution.

@trampa Can you elaborate on the motor’s specs? For instance, what is its maximum current rating? Also, will the sensors all work with @chaka’s VESC? Of course, it’s a very expensive motor. I ordered it mainly because I figure you guys will have engineered everything to work very well as an integrated package. How would you compare it to the SK3 6374 149kv motor (I’ve been using until now)? I’ve been very impressed by its performance.

Hi Steve, what kind of battery so You Want to Mount? 18650 cells or Lipo Packs. I would recommend to usw our Battery Support, since it fits directly onto The Tip, allowing The max tilt of the trucks. Motor: Our Motor is based on the SK3, despite being completely re-engineered to suite skateboards even better. Its based on 6364 format. Everything is top spec, magnet, copper, bearings, shaft etc! That’s what you pay for… No chance to increase the quality any further. Max current rating depends on the voltage you want to use. 50A is about the limit. Since the motor features a temp sensor, you will not be able to overstress it, using a VESC with the latest Firmware, which will be released in mid November. Benjamin and I tested it to the extreme… It works just fine pushing 200Kg up a steep incline on a single. When the motor reaches 100deg Celsius, power will be reduced to let everything cool down. Frank

440lbs? impressive… I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, @SteveS I got the stiffest deck Trampa had available at the time, but you are right in that it still is flexier than any wood deck I’ve owned before.

I was thinking of doing something like this, because I have a lot more height than you do to work with:

It would have the two esc’s in a box on the back angled portion, and 4 (or maybe just 2) 6s lipos on the bottom. The bottom ones would all have their own little enclosures with lids, so that the batteries can be taken on and off the board.

If that all looks to fail, I may just stick them in the middle like the guys with bindings… even though that for me is the last resort.


Doesnt trampa sell a battery box? Why not just use that?

It’s 99 euros, and I’m on a pretty strict budget…

Wish I could’ve just gotten their motors, boxes, etc, but it’s really, really expensive if you don’t diy your mounts and everything else.

I’m going to use two 6S 4900 mAh lipos in series. Can the motor handle 50 amps at that voltage on a sustained basis, @trampa?

To answer all your Questions: 50A x 44v =2200W. Peak performance is roughly 2800W. All motors you find on the market are usually rated “peak performance”, not continuous. The temperature at which you ride the board does also play a major role. In Siberia you will get a better performance than riding in the Sahara. Tarmac gets very hot in summer, even in northern countries.

You will not use that amount of power continuously, so its well balanced. Using a dual Setup releases 50% of the strain. Using temp control, which will be implemented into BLDC-Tool soon, will avoid any motor or controller overheating. Pushing the 200Kg up a steep hill on a single is something you should never do! But: The temp control saved the VESC and motor from being fried. It works very well. Please make sure you drop in realistic values into BLDC-Tool + use a fuse between the Battery and Controller. We use 40-50A fuses, but that depends on the capability of your battery. Never trust the C-Rating printed onto cheap Lipo Packs. I would deduct quite a lot to be within the safe region.

Battery position: Please keep in mind that the deck is capable of tilting 30deg! Your section drawing is nice, but does not consider the lean. The decks edges do get very close to the ground when carving hard. A stiffer deck does not help in that case. Please choose the deck according to your weight, rather than speculated ground clearance. We put the Battery onto the rear tip to avoid any chance of ground contact. You know what will happen if you damage the cells by impacts! When you ride the board you will be amazed by its performance and ride comfort. You will not think about your battery mounted somewhere else than under the deck while riding, believe me.


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