Trampa SGD 12s Mountainboard Sold

Supplied by and built by Trampa includes 2x6s lipos and Trampa wand remote. Receipt included for board with upgrades at £2400. Cells cost £269 x 2 and wand remote at £125.

My Trampa SGD board with 154kv motors, Helical drive gears, 17 ply deck,vertigo cnc hangers 12mm hollow axles, set up goofy but can be changed, 8 inch megastar wheels, camlock bindings, maytech remote, also includes the new Trampa wand remote that requires firmware update before use, 12 s power in the form of 17000mah overlander 20c cells, only charged twice, ultra power charger upgrade that can charge 2 x 12s cells at a time, extra Trampa dampas in 75,65,85 and 90 hardness. Includes carry bag and wet weather bag.

The board is suitable for developers that can deal with vesc software settings and updates. Not recommended for people with no software skills.

Selling for £2100 no offers in as new condition with very little use except the grass on the grip tape lol.

Pick up only cash on collection or bank transfer. From Romsey Hampshire.



I’ve been looking to buy a more powerful AT board than my first experience on an Evolve GT.

I’ve looked at the Trampa, Lacroix and Baja. I understand the Baja and Lacroix are ‘out of the box’ rideable with the Trampa requiring batteries separately and some calibration but perhaps the pick of the bunch.

Are you selling it for this reason? Because I dont have any Vesc experience either and wouldn’t want to end up in the same position. Wouldn’t Trampa set up it up for chosen batteries and the wand etc?

This was going to be one of my questions.

Kind regards


People on the forum would be able to help you program the VESCs, and if they dont, the folk over at would be happy to help you out.

Personally I wouldnt touch Baja since their change in production, but you do you :man_shrugging:


Hi, I’ve got a gt carbon and I’ve had a Baja G4X yes they are ready to run but the Trampa is so much better built. It really is solid and amazingly powerful.

It is fully running and was when it came from Trampa. I had to update firmware on the Vesc via the Bluetooth and mobile app. No problems and learnt the settings from this forum. I’m selling it because a) I don’t use it much and b) I have arthritis in my knee and this really doesn’t do me any favours lol.

There are lots of videos on programming vesc and loads of support out there.

I hope this helps.


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Thanks chaps. That gives me a bit more confidence. I’d probably take it up to Trampa to double check anything I couldn’t find on here and join them for a spin on one of their open days.

I understand the Lacroix isn’t designed for AT in the same way and feedback that I can find of the Baja is limited but I do like the engineering behind it but shame there isn’t a UK distributer like Trampa.

Shame about your knees. I can’t play squash anymore but fortunately still keep active and maxed out the range on the carbon GT with kick pushing.

I’ve got to sell my bike first. It’s a Vespa GTS for sale on eBay at the moment. I’ve had two buyers that have both let me down, even one with a £500 deposit!

The ad runs out in a week or so then I might advertise it with no reserve if this board is still available - then I’ll take it if someone doesn’t beat me to it.

I want the 17 ply which is out of stock at the moment, goofy, the same 154kv motors for balance of power / torque and the wand controller.

Paul, I’ll keep you posted about my sale.

Good luck selling your Vespa. I had a tuned 250 gts that used to fly.

The Bajaboard is one heavy mother and it had a mind of its own.

Riding a board with foot straps is so much more confidence inspiring. And the torque of the Trampa is something else.


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After agreeing to buy this board for £1900, selling my Vespa at a reduced price on the same day, arranging collection two days later and full payment in advance of seeing the board, the seller has just pulled out of the sale, siting 'I’ve ‘had a lot of interest overnight’ and I’m going to hold out for more.

Nice. Unusual for the seller to let you down but Nevermind.

Firstly we agreed a bank transfer of a 10% deposit to hold the board and based on this and other factors agreed on £1900. The rest of the balance to be paid when you collected the board. This is only fair so that I could cancel the eBay auction just in case somebody pushed buy it now. This is called a statement of intent. Secondly the price was agreed based on you paying the balance by bank transfer.

Then you wanted to pay by PayPal which incurs a 3.5% fee to the seller on completion. I was already well below what I wanted for the board. Yes you did offer to pay 1/2 but the bank transfer would have solved this discussion.

I was more than happy with the balance on collection when you picked up the board.

Thirdly I did not make you sell your bike cheaper than you wanted and it is none of my business where the money was coming from. You said you could commit to buying the board whether you sold the bike or not.

Anyway to show there’s no hard feelings Trampa are doing a deal on a limited edition SGD pro board for £1800 including vat that comes with the wand remote and any colour you like. Winner Winner.

Not involved in this at all, but, I personally would NEVER pay a 10% deposit for a seller to ‘hold’ a board via bank transfer. PayPal maybe bank transfer NO NO NO.

Again I’m not saying anything is foul here, it’s just not something that should be encouraged here/might even be against the selling rules



Different strokes for different folks. Thanks for your input.

No not really. Paying via a bank transfer leave me open to to getting fucked by arsehole scammers. Again not saying that’s you. Again not only that, I’m not sure if it’s again the rules of sale here. @treenutter

Not quite finished with my input :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, you can thank me later

Fully appreciate theirs lots of scammers out their and I’ve been stung by more than one. Not from this forum. So excuse my need for security to make sure the I don’t get done over again. Full apologies if this doesn’t fit with the seller rules but again I didn’t want to be out of pocket. Maybe I’m a bit cynical and maybe should trust people more. Noted

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I had two people put deposits down on my scooter that was for sale, one was £500 cash, then backed out overnight. Really annoying as a seller.

Then following that as a buyer, bank transfer payment before seeing the board should be a ‘no no’. Especially 6 hours I was due to collect shouts ‘walk away’.

Through eBay / PayPal at least there is a bit of security for both parties, that’s the only way I would ever pay up front.

I don’t think you will get a buyer that will pay any differently to what I was offering - cash / PayPal / bank transfer at the point of collection, but it is of course up to you to decline the sale and hold out for the full asking price.

No hard feelings either Paul. I’m going to buy direct from Trampa.