Trampa Sleek AWD Build 6000w for Mountain Climbing

Trampa board with titanium axles 6.5 inch wheels 4x vesc 6.4 (conformal coated for waterproofing 533wh battery 12s Sensored motors 5056 6000w BMS 2.5Ghz

Im thinking of a name, but i cant come up with something cool. Im thinking of Fjell Fjøl that means mountain board in Norwegian. Come with suggestions!IMG_4943IMG_4920IMG_4929IMG_4891


Looks damn sexy :ok_hand: well done :+1:


Can we see the underside? Interesting battery box you got there

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3d printet motor mounts… Your playing with your life… :scream:

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Uploaded a pic

Have been riding on them since March, actually works pretty grate. PLA works best atm, but im going to change them out with alu for the heat dissipation and ofc lifetime.

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What a crazy board, well done

What batteries are you using? And how the 6,5” wheels handle dirt?

Okay… But nice board :grinning:

Havent tried it on dirt yet, prob gonna chage it out with the 8inch wheels I have. They work nice on snow aswell. The battery is scavanged from dell cd-rom extended batteries. Havent stress tested them yet, but they should be able to deliver 84Amp constant based on they’r internal resistance.

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Nice, just realized that the first photo is not actually on the woods

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If you can dig up some names of the cells maybe we can help you identify them

Is the enclosure 3D printed?

They say: 130823 C08406 RHP 5H3

Other side: SCCCD37104285 MADE IN CHINA HPF673791 SANYO B 11WH

So apperantly made by SANYO41932712_532278897209244_4837296175130345472_n41958016_1957544787876383_6884389163064360960_n

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Utrolig fett brett du har der! Mener å huske jeg leste noe om dette prosjektet i den norske facebook gruppa for elektriske skateboard. Kan det stemme? :smile:

In class right now, I’ll look after :slight_smile:

Takk :slight_smile: Kan hende jeg posted noe der, er iallefall medlem :stuck_out_tongue:


Also I just noticed the first pick is not in the woods…lol

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Hi guys, im dooing some market research on electric longboards and i would really appriciate some feedback! I would really appriciate it for those who helped me out!

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looks like a tarantula