Trampa Snow Chains GROUPBUY *see pricing*

Hey guys, last year I posted my snow chains and I got a lot of interest in them. I’m willing to release a group buy for them in where I make no money, just enough to break even. These chains are made for 8" wheels from Trampa. I use them on the standard Primo wheels and they fit just fine. They include a mesh bag. Im in contact with my guy who makes them for bulk pricing.

$170 a set for 1-5 $140 a set for 6-10 $120 a set for 11 and up

List your name if you would be interested in a set of 4 chains


I’m in! 10 char

Can you edit the post with fitting wheel DM?

And yeah. I’m located in eu. Finland

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okay edited

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Upupup to the top

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Anyone? Ten char

I think it’s too early in the season for people to think about snow lol

@Mikeomania12 @Nate

Depends on where you live. 3 weeks from snow here :slight_smile:

I’m in for a set

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Same same, I can do a set as well. You can ship mine along with @Mikeomania12 and @flywithgriff if they’re gonna buy since we live in the same area.

Maybe @DucatiGuy is interested as well?

Are you guys from USA or EU?

Cool so thats 4 so far. I may buy a few to hold on to so were at least in the 140 range so far.

Don’t count me in, I’m going a different direction with my build.

Do they fit sixshooter wheels, or can they be made to fit?

Id need the exact dimensions. I had them made for the exact tire that i use which is the primo alphas.

Hey @psychotiller can you give dimensions on the sixshooters? I’m at work at the moment.

Aren’t they 6 inch wheels?

If you send me a wheel I can get them made. I would guess same price

They are, but they’re square-ish and wider than the trampa wheels. My hope was that the extra width would make up for the smaller diameter.

They are 6 x 2

Yea if you send me a wheel It should work out. But I can’t garuntee it