Trampa Spur Gear Drive (with helical option), Trampa 6380s


Beautiful work, @trampa; impeccably styled to fit the Trampa design language. We’ll be adding these for certain.


$940+ shipping. I’ll stick with @Nowind work for much less


So when the Chinese offer superstar clones it’s theft but when Trampa does it to @Nowind it’s okay. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Just some weeks ago I said it is just a matter of time till trampa will come up with a gear drive too :see_no_evil: Very sad @trampa that you chose this way instead of cooperate with some of our gear drive guys here :pensive:


I actually thought about that when I saw their picture, you did have it figured out already.

I am slowly gathering info on the different offerings in MTB and MBS is nice but I don’t really like their decks

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OK, I’ll defend Trampa…a little bit. Out of the 4 names you mentioned, there is only one original. At least when looking at gear drives.

Edit: Duffman and Jens work together… So 3.


But do they fit Matrix 2 trucks? :thinking:


Yes, I know. But you can’t bless 2 copy cats just to condemn Trampa because you disagree with their ethics.

I know where you are coming from though.

And out of those names, there is only one actively trying to snuff out competitors, and create a monopoly.


I’ll quote myself from the past. .

I would have stocked the trampa shop with third-party hardware just to sell completes instead of trying to innovate at a similar or slower pace with a chance of pissing off the customer base


Ok that might be a bit written out of the wrong mood when i have seen that… I changed it to I think what is the real origin when it comes to gear drives.

what you mean with it?

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See my quote above. I think we all saw this coming. I personally also knew the price was going to be 200 above the original or more (excluding motors, that’s about right).


Let’s talk about the design for a minute though. A few suggestions maybe.

Carbon side plate connected to the brushless motor will negatively impact the temperature of the motor, since carbon is not a great conductor. My e-toxx drive dumps a massive amount of heat from my motors, especially during summer. It’s probably the reason my SK3 is still alive after 3000 km.

Not sure about the alu fin. Seems like a good item to get yourself stuck with/low to the ground, will collide with stones and curbs constantly.

I am excited about the 6380 option.


Looks as though they’re gonna try to introduce hubs to combat @psychotiller’s 6 shooters. At the bottoms is says will only fit on cnc’d wheels. Does trampa offer that? No(t yet). Does Trampa advertise for or support others profits? No. Likely we’ll see something else new from Trampa very soon

Price is probably closer to etoxx than I mentioned. It is a complete drive train + truck + motors.


Think you’re overreacting abit on the copying, gearboxes wasnt invented yesturday :joy:

Think alot of people saw the benefits of spur gear before anything actually were available…

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CNC Wheel hubs for trampa where did I saw them right FatBoy and Kaly :laughing:


Price for a dual helical drive is 495pound. Dollar to pound rate just got better for you guys.

With regards to heat: More gearing less heat. There is big chunk of alloy next to the motor. This piece has quite a bit of surface area.
We consider making an alloy shield but overheating motors have not been an issue in the past since there is a square relation between torque produced by the motor and losses that go into heat. This drive features 1:6 gearing! Your motors will run at low torque and high rpm.

Copy debate: There are numerous gear drives out there. It’s a technology that has been used for more than 3000years now. Google Greek computer. Even on this forum you will find countless examples of gear drives. Planetary, internal, external, open, closed, straight, helical, for MTB trucks, skate trucks, 90deg drives, with more gearing or less gearing, with two or 4 gears, single motor driving two wheels etc. If you would start a list, its going to be a longer one. Who built the first belt drive for skateboards btw? Are we all copycats when we design new belt drives? Things are moving forward and no one can expect that companies stand still to honour the guy who was the first to apply an existing technology to an existing piece of equipment. What we want is that companies ad their flavor to a known technology and improve things and re-interpret the known design to make it better. If this wouldn’t be the case we would stand still and see no improvements in technology.

A copy is an exact or nearly exact replication of something existing, looking identical to the user. The Trampa SGD has it’s own design, it’s been designed from ground up to go hand in hand with our equipment. It features a lot of new stuff that other designs don’t have implemented yet. It’s an enclosed gear drive, yes. That’s about it. My son’s toy RC car also features one of them. It even has a differential like many other RC and real world cars.

CNC wheels: Have been around in Mountainboarding from the very start. Enthusiasts have made them in low quantities. Also in off road nordic skating and other applications you see CNC hubs. Racing cars have them, first superstar prototypes were CNCed btw. We still have a MTB with alloy Manhick hubs on. I think they were made back in 2003.

There are some new designs on the way to us. They are not even close to any existing design. Surprise for Christmas…


I think it is great to see more drives from different vendors entering the market. I hope to see these drives in the wild next to others for comparison.

Keep it coming.

Now if some company would only start producing competition for the best vedder based esc’s out there and not then being called out for copying their design. That would be great.


True, gear transmission has been here in the forum already. Before Etoxx presented his gearbox Look at this thread from elkick. As he presents a finished gearbox Sep. 2016 Three days later, Etoxx posted its first gears without housing.

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