Trampa SPYDER - holypro, ultimate trucks, superstar hubs, urban treads, 10s4p, dual 6374 maytech, segmented enclosure

Oh boy, here we go :slight_smile:

Here is my trampa build which I should have documented way better than I did. Honestly, if it wasn’t for a friend bugging me 10 times a day for updates, I probably wouldn’t have taken any pictures. Sorry in advance for some of the pictures being blurry but its better than nothing :slight_smile:

I want to thank a few people who sold me parts and helped me along the way

  • @Eboosted for the inspiration from his multiple trampa build threads. Dude, you are also the reason I went with the holypro and full ATB trucks. Looks much better than the carver deck and the shorted trucks, especially with the pneumatic tires.
  • @Idea for the bad ass looking trampa mounts. Great product at a great price and fast shipping. He also sold me the prototype trampa enclosure. Moreover, hes from krakow. One of my favourite cities in the world :slight_smile:
  • @bigben stand up guy. I traded him my landyatchz dinghy for one of his enclosures I wanted for a build that never materialised . He happily gave me credit towards the 2 x 6374 maytech motors and shipped them out fast.
  • @rey8801 for the bluetooth module. A steal at 12 euros.
  • @Grozniy for the remote all the way from iceland.
  • @Andy87 for answering all my stupid trampa questions in the noob thread :joy:
  • @trampa man, they polarise this forum but I have not seen a better looking combo than the holypro/hs11 deck + their trucks. Call me shallow but form is just as important as function.

About me

70 kilos and just like to cruise at medium speeds so don’t need the most powerful components. I used panasonic pf batteries and flipsky 4.12 VESCs that I had lying around. So far so good.

Trampa Spyder

I got the deck and trucks to Spain before the hubs and tires so just put on some 83mm wheels. Ladies and gentlemen, if you wanna see the ridiculousness that is 83mm wheels on 16 inch trucks, look below:

Photo%2007-12-2018%2C%2020%2030%2024 Photo%2004-12-2018%2C%2015%2042%2043 Photo%2004-12-2018%2C%2017%2000%2014 Photo%2005-12-2018%2C%2020%2054%2034

Looks absolutely ridiculous. Some might say like a spider with thin legs :slight_smile:


All the little bits and bobs you need.

Photo%2006-12-2018%2C%2000%2021%2026 Photo%2007-12-2018%2C%2000%2001%2046 Photo%2007-12-2018%2C%2000%2001%2044 Photo%2010-12-2018%2C%2021%2050%2027 Photo%2010-12-2018%2C%2022%2002%2021 Photo%2004-12-2018%2C%2019%2026%2037 Photo%2012-12-2018%2C%2013%2053%2009 Photo%2011-12-2018%2C%2019%2000%2039 Photo%2011-12-2018%2C%2019%2056%2049 Photo%2011-12-2018%2C%2020%2022%2054 Photo%2017-12-2018%2C%2013%2025%2006 Photo%2029-11-2018%2C%2021%2037%2054 Photo%2026-11-2018%2C%2018%2037%2044 Photo%2029-11-2018%2C%2021%2042%2005 Photo%2019-12-2018%2C%2016%2015%2037 Photo%2026-11-2018%2C%2018%2042%2007

Rough draft

Here is me trying to work out how everything fits together.

Photo%2025-12-2018%2C%2016%2052%2012 Photo%2017-12-2018%2C%2016%2017%2047 Photo%2018-12-2018%2C%2003%2043%2008 Photo%2017-12-2018%2C%2016%2018%2019 Photo%2019-12-2018%2C%2021%2025%2010 Photo%2026-12-2018%2C%2019%2053%2046


m3 inserts and used green loctite. thin layer of foam using double sided tape. the holy pro holes were covered with thin stiff plastic taped to the deck.

Photo%2017-12-2018%2C%2019%2004%2056 Photo%2020-12-2018%2C%2018%2043%2022 Photo%2020-12-2018%2C%2019%2058%2048 Photo%2020-12-2018%2C%2019%2059%2009 Photo%2020-12-2018%2C%2021%2000%2056 Photo%2020-12-2018%2C%2023%2015%2002 Photo%2021-12-2018%2C%2021%2039%2013 Photo%2020-12-2018%2C%2021%2013%2032 Photo%2022-12-2018%2C%2023%2026%2003 Photo%2021-12-2018%2C%2022%2009%2003 Photo%2021-12-2018%2C%2022%2036%2054 Photo%2023-12-2018%2C%2002%2014%2015 Photo%2021-12-2018%2C%2021%2040%2046 Photo%2021-12-2018%2C%2022%2004%2031 Photo%2021-12-2018%2C%2021%2046%2014 Photo%2023-12-2018%2C%2000%2024%2015


Had bought U Tabbed pf batteries. Then soldered those tabs to nickel and each parallel pack is connected to the other using 14awg wire with slack. has foam on each pack to compress the cells vertically and double sided tape at the bottom. Charge only BMS.

Photo%2018-12-2018%2C%2022%2041%2056 Photo%2018-12-2018%2C%2022%2041%2048 Photo%2018-12-2018%2C%2023%2056%2026 Photo%2019-12-2018%2C%2000%2001%2007 Photo%2024-12-2018%2C%2023%2052%2027 Photo%2025-12-2018%2C%2000%2053%2020 Photo%2026-11-2018%2C%2015%2038%2005 Photo%2026-11-2018%2C%2015%2038%2056 Photo%2022-12-2018%2C%2022%2001%2047

Final build

Took it for a slow spin. Made sure everything is working. Went over some cobble stones to check for rattle. No problems. Obligatory carbon fibre wrap on the motors :slight_smile:

Photo%2026-12-2018%2C%2019%2054%2033 Photo%2002-01-2019%2C%2001%2015%2027 Photo%2026-12-2018%2C%2019%2055%2010 Photo%2027-12-2018%2C%2015%2057%2027 Photo%2028-12-2018%2C%2016%2047%2051 Photo%2030-12-2018%2C%2001%2006%2032 Photo%2028-12-2018%2C%2017%2027%2032 Photo%2026-12-2018%2C%2018%2023%2033 Photo%2028-12-2018%2C%2016%2047%2022


Check mount and belt alignment

Making sure all electronics work

Apple watch working. yaaaay

Talking shit to my friend :joy:

Lounge to kitchen run


Which FW do those esc run? 3.40?

nice build. for the holes on the board, just fill them with epoxy by creating a “pool” and securing the other side with 3M tape. Then remove the tape, you’ll get something nuts.


Silicone works great too, if you leave a edge on the backside to keep it in place.


Or this one


Love the build on the bed ehehe

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Yes. Running FOC on 15t/60t on 165mm wheels. Can change the settings through the app. Here are the current settings


Yeah, that’s the next plan if this doesn’t hold up. I did go for a long ride yesterday and opened the enclosure afterwards and everything seemed fine but will keep an eye :slight_smile:

haha I am in a rented apartment man. I pray to god my landlord doesn’t walk in some day :joy:


You ever pull 80amps from them motors? and if you do do you get over current faults?

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No. Max I ever pulled was like 55 and no problems there.

Great build, but that’s fake Loctite - might wanna keep it slow :wink:

wait. which one? the 648 or the other threadlocker? lol

how much clearance you got under this thing?