Trampa Street Carve NYC Style


This built is the result of a discussion i had with the evolve carbon GT guys on their tread on this forum as a result i thought that we need it to build a “hot swap” board to have the urethane wheels and the pneumatics on the same build and had to be something pleasing to the eye as well.

After exploring what to use I decided on the street carver from @trampa since the architecture of this board is perfect for the objective in mind and is really beutifull thing to look at.

The main problem I encounter was the cross section of the trucks, not the more simple shape to find an anchor point

And the flexibility of the deck was sabotaging my goal of having a slick beautiful build, because I was going to have to mount the battery on top. But being hardheaded like most here I decided that was not too much of a problem.

So first step was to find a solution to the battery issue. That resulted to be extremely hard to tackle since every approach send me back to the square box on top of the back truck :rage:
So I leave it alone, I had to sit on that.

Then the actual first step was the motor mounting system inspire by the big amount of motor mount design in this forum I settle in making it a 2 piece assembly that allows for the motor plate to be able to move in order to accommodate the different diameters of wheels intended to be use on this setup.

Something I wanted to achieve was to have the minimum distance from motor to pulley on the 2 configuration in order to keep the design as compact as posible.

I played around with few different design and ended on this one Here with the urethane clones

Here with trampa wheels

to keep the mounts as compact as posible I designed a wheel pulley 62T-5M-15W with mounting holes for the Superstar wheel HUB.

This pulley size allows a minimum distance for the motor plate when the urethane wheel are in use.

And reliability when the pneumatics are in use.

Next was the issue with the wheels pulley for the urethane, i do not like the screws at all on the wheels. getting that thing center with the axel has been a headache :face_with_head_bandage: every time I have tried. The Solution design a slap :wave: in pulley like enertion and others have but with clearance to fit the trampa mini trucks, this has been my solution so far.

A bottom view form fusion 360.

This pulleys are 40T-5M-15W that works very reliable on my vanguard build with the MBS 100mm wheels.

The pulley fit the 97 mm ABEC11 flywheels and the 97 mm Clones flywheels but the ones with the thick walks and fit perfectly the trampa stickys wheels just awaiting for them to start selling the 90mm wheels.

I like to use 5M HTD 15mm wide belts for all my builds because I think are easy to source and more reliable than the 12 mm belts. besides do not produce an excessive amount of drag helping extend the battery range.

Some motors choices

At the end decided to go with the 6355 motor 230Kv because the 50mm motor do not perform so well with the big pneumatics wheels.

Next step is to machine the mounts from aluminum, for this I use my X-carve which in order to reliable cut the 1/4-1/2 in aluminum had to be stiffened thanks to the guys at inventables forum I got to do with one or 2 headaches alone the way but it works pretty good :blush:

Milling process

For the set screws

The Motor plate

The result

Now to fit it onto the board.

Latter my daughter suggested that the round motor plate she was not feeling it :expressionless: so I got back to drawing boards and come up with this ones.

Once the mount phase was finish them had to go back to the flexibility and battery issue. With plenty of time to think about this I decided to go with a sectional approach to the battery assembly and the enclosure as well.

The structure of the battery is in 4 sections that are connected via high discharge flat wire to beach the gap of the enclosure.

The enclosure is made out off 1/8 in ABS plastic vacuum formed to give the shape of the curvature of the deck

The main issue with this battery design is that the deck is small and the dimension of the enclosure have a tight fit. But if done with care can fit perfectly.

Just the corners need to be trimmed. To protect the battery I use 300L 3M double sided tape on the perimeter of the enclosure and clear plastic to make it waterproof and on the joint gaps I use triple layer tape to make it water tight as well.

Then use a layer of abrasion resistant plastic sheet to use as a barrier between the deck and the battery to prevent the friction from damaging the water seal.

At the end the battery works flawlessly. This enclosure is designed for a 12S-4P battery but the VESC capacitors bank have to be modified here I went with a 10S 4P in the enclosure.

For a next build for a client I am going with the 12S-4P. That is in progress.

After a few headaches this is the result

Next is to make some bindings like the freebord style and post some videos but for now this is it.


could I get your milling settings and preferred bits?? because your pieces came out great!!

I made these mounts for my Urban carver (same board as yours), but had a couple cuttings issues; still trying to figure out the best combination of bit speed and milling speed to prevent the bit from heating up to fast and getting ruined.


You need to remove the chips from the work piece because that is what damage the bits.

I’ll send it to you when I get home.


Looks awesome Kaly! Great to see you making this beauty.



this board is truly amazing, one of the best ive seen, great work

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Looks great. I like how you put it underneath :slight_smile:

I use this

Total weight is 22 lb with a 10S-4P battery The 12S 4P maybe be 1/2 lb heavier

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love, love love and … LOOOVE !!! This is axesome man !!! !! ! … don’t really know what else to say sorry :smiley:Love it !

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Thank you brother

:pray: That is the way I feel :grinning::grinning::blush:

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@Kaly dude your a BEAST! Thank you for always keeping us inspired :raised_hands:

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@Kaly That is some mighty fine work you’ve done there. Such a beautiful, clean look. I’d take that over an Evolve any day. I’m really liking the whole cross skating 2 in 1 platform idea. The more builds I see, the more I want a Trampa. Hadn’t really considered the Urban Carver until now. This project is really something special though, especially building around the flex like that.

Keep us posted on how it performs in the long run. Can’t wait to see some videos! :thumbsup:

WTF. What what what. This is sick awesome. I stand amazed at this work of art, proud of you and your work @Kaly. Want to see that ripping NYC.


This is, by far, my favorite Trampa build! Love the bottom enclosure as opposed to the box in between your legs. Nice work!


thanks everyone for your nice comments :slight_smile: Ill be posting some videos in 2 weeks, ill be out of the county for a quick vacation.

Sorry in advance for the await but have to take a break before the wife kill me.

it’s been just work and board for a while with this board and a prototype emtb take a look here


Lovely build…great to see a decent underboard enclosure on the trampa. Well done.

All those with family (and a job) know exactly what you are talking about.
Even more respect for your great built!