Trampa Street Carver, 12S, sensored SK3 6374; third price drop to $800

I have decided to give up e-skating and am selling this board (build thread here).

This is a 24 mph board that climbs hills very well. Upgrades since the original build include:

  • sensored SK3 149kv motor,
  • ABEC 11 83mm 75a Flywheels (genuine),
  • ceramic bearings, and
  • new Turnigy Nano-tech batteries.

Recent photos below: 20180909_11192320180909_11185520180909_11182420180909_11194320180909_112038


PM sent Steve! (First come First serve)

how do you sensor an sk3…?



you can buy a sensor kit for motors, basically you glue the sensors and the pcb in the case

This is from wmj259’s group buy. It came from the factory with sensors (and a long, keyed shaft).


Bump for big price drop (embarrassed to have messed up the £/$ conversion with my original listing).

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Sad to see you leave. I hope you had a good time.

Bump for another price drop to $900.

Bump for another price drop to $800


Just a bump

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I really need dual motor buildings and offroad tired in wisconsin of do it for 600

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Thanks, but it doesn’t sound like mine is the board for you.

Incidentally, with12S LiPos and the low kv motor, this single motor will be more than sufficient for most. It outperforms Boosted Duals on the hills (and flats) here in San Francisco.

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Does it have bms ?

Wtf how this isnt sold yet?

Would you be willing to part it out? :smile: Or send it to the EU :slight_smile:

I don’t want to part it out, but I’d send it to the EU as long as the buyer pays shipping.

No BMS, sir.

Kinda my reaction!

is it still available

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