Trampa Street Carver Hub Motor?


Are ther any good Hub Motors that fits to an Trampa Mini Spring Truck?


Trampa trucks are made solely for mtb, but I figure it wouldn’t be too challenging to fit a pair on

If you succeed let me know please

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If you want a street carver hub build, get 30° riser adapter and use any truck and hub that you desire.

The Trampa Street Carver trucks (Trampa mini spring trucks) are build with regualar PU wheels in mind are smaller less wide and have a 3/8" axle).

The mini Spring Trucks should work with basicly any wheel as long 3/8" fits.

And as I assume you ask for hubs on regular Trampa trucks, I’m currently working on hubs for MTB 12mm axle with pneumatic wheels (running probably tubeles since I have to relocate the valve). They will probalby be based on APS 8318 motors but I’m only very early in the project right now so time will tell how well that goes.

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yes, I think also its dificult. Because the Axel ist just hold tight with an screw in a groove of the Axelshaft. Trampa sed the shaft is glued in also bit onetime on my Kiteboard it came lose turing the ride with the wheel. I verified al fore ones and i cud nos se any glue.

So i think the Shaft has to be drillet through and secured with a screw to protect from Spinning with the Hub motor.

Sounds very interesting!!!

Thats the problem i already have the Mini Spring Trucks from my Urban Carver i ride abaut 1 1/2 year. And now i want to make a all train Board MTB to drive to my Kitespots and with the other parts I want to make a Street carver.