Trampa StreetCarver, E-Toxx MiniDirectDrive, MTB Trucks, Gummies, 6374, 12S, Steering Damper

Tell me about it. I had to 3d print these end caps, in order to fit everything inside, which is working perfectly fine btw. … But I would love some more height on the trampa enclosure though. But aren’t @trampa working on a new one ?


So your batteries or Vesc’s extend into that 3d printed end cap I suppose?

Yes, height is a concern… I think I may have to re-do my pack padding:

I created a sandwich with total height: 27.75mm + tape height

  1. 1.5mm tufnol (bottom)
  2. 3mm neoprene (battery cushioning bottom)
  3. 19mm (18650 18mm + .5mm battery enclosure)
  4. 3mm neoprene (battery cushioning top)
  5. 1.5mm tufnol (top)
  6. 0.75mm silicone rubber sheet

I thought I could just squeeze the neoprene down to fit from 6mm total to like 2mm but it is more resilient than I expected. I think I will remove the neoprene part of the sandwich entirely.

Yes exactly


Lol… and you have a BMS in there… ok I should stop complaining. That’s some Jedi sh!t

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Yes and a 10s5p battery. Without the end caps, i would have problems. But i do not like that tight fit at all. Looking forward to se what you end up with :smiley:

HI, I spotted some things:

The balancer leads should be layed in a curve, each time they cross a cell block. This will allow the flex. You have taped them down in a straight line, which will put strain on the balance leads once you step on the board and flex it. Have A look how I did it.

I would tape the cell block interconnecting AWG wire to the cell blocks itself >> just next to the solder joint. This will grantee that there is no movement in the nickel strip. The only movement is in the centre of the cable once you taped the cable ends to the cell blocks.

If you use the aluminium L-Profiles, make sure to use rubber cable feed throughs


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I do this for Flex on my trampa


That is some lovely battery work. I’m very impressed!

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waiting for update patiently :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know how I missed this build, amazing as always Jens.

I’m going to make the same build but with HS11 deck, ultimate hangers with carver baseplates and 107mm Flys, I already had the Carver deck before so I wanted something different this time, the carver deck sits very high from the ground on pneumatics, I dont like that much either.

I’m just worried about the clearance as I haven’t seen anyone with a HS11 or MTB Holy Pro deck, ultimate hangers and street wheels, maybe because there were no options before but the 97mm flys

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Just out of curiosity, why did you decide on the HS11 over the other Trampa offerings?


  1. I already had the Carver deck, I wanted something different
  2. The HS11 shape is way nicer than the carver
  3. The carver sits too high from the ground on 8" pneumatics, I like HS11 stance more
  4. I will be able to convert it to full MTB
  5. According to some, 107mm Flywheels give enough room to avoid the deck to touch the ground
  6. The HS11 has more room underneath to run silicone wires between individual packs, planning to run 12S5P
  7. The HS11 is cheaper than the Holy Pro 35
  8. The HS11 has this slimmed belt shape that makes it better looking than the street carve deck wihich is more plain

Carve deck:

HS11 deck

However nothing in this life is perfect so here are the negatives:

  1. The HS11 I chose weights 2900g (16ply) vs 2500g (15ply)
  2. Deck clearance might be an issue on full leans (I’m hopping not to be an issue, I’ll have to test it myself when I get the 107mm Flys)
  3. I’ll have to swap axles on the ultimate trucks as the originals are too long for street wheels

Wow, awesome explanation all around. Thanks! BTW, I have loved reading through all your builds and learning from them! Look forward to watching this one as well!


You can use spacers to fit the street wheels. Replacing the axles can be painful. They are pressed in and won’t come out easily.



are you really coming out with a new enclosure or an end cap for the current one?

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hey man, could you share the file for that end cap!?

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I so want to build this. Any news on the battery enclosure @Nowind? What would be the top speed with your mini direct drive and SK3 149kv motors at 10S on gummies (or the 6.5" pneumatics)?

Hey Ahh i dont recieved it… still waiting… lucky me (-; But enough other stuff laying around, no boring times :relaxed:

33kmh calculated without losses

42kmh calculated without losses


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Any updates on this build Jenso?


Yes worked on it…

Prepered Motors and Vesc´s :

Decidet that i wanna use this build also to test my new steering Damper, :kissing_smiling_eyes: unfortunaly i realized that even on the wide MTB Hanger there is not enough clearence with the 6384 Aliens

Swapped to 6374 :laughing: also modified the Mini Drive to work without the Motorspacer to gain more 6mm´s

Countersunk the Motormount on 2 spots where the Motor sits.

Addet on this spots Threadinserts in the Housing from both sides, also using shorter Motorspurs

BTW make a batch of 40T wheelspur special for the use on MTB hanger with addet support Bearing :

For Racing look i used some CF Lids got laying around:

And finaly it fits with the Steering Damper :

FULL tilt until Baseplate hits Hanger :scream:

Actually working on Battery :