Trampa StreetCarver, E-Toxx MiniDirectDrive, MTB Trucks, Gummies, 6374, 12S, Steering Damper

Urban Assault Weapon

Street Carver Deck Freeboard Bindings MTB Hanger Mini Direct Drive 6384 Motors Gummies / 7Inch Pneumatics


Love the extra wide stance

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Urban Assault Weapon

Hooooo … lucky you, there is coing to be a sick xxxtrem xxxxxtra fast carving machine !! ! 6384 !.. Can’t wait to see that :stuck_out_tongue: kv ? Waiting red gummies for next year :smile:

Love the frensh touch :wink: ya I know, just teasing

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6384 :sunglasses:

are you going to try the 165mm tires?

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Yet another Nowind masterpiece

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Thanks Bara, me too… gives you also alot of room for Motors even with the tiny CTC of the Mini Drive

6384-170kv sensored You are right about the french touch :sweat_smile: dont realize it by myself but its true :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Yes for sure, as soon i get my hands on them :heart_eyes: 100PSI Bro is INSANE

Thanks Dude, really nice :kissing_heart:

Steering angle without Springs looks sick AF :


@Nowind Yes Jens! have you tried without springs yet? me, sam and ted were out riding yesterday and managed to pop the springs outta my back truck on some super tight corners! Pretty stable at speed! problem comes when stopping borad wants to flop to one side!! Hope you enjoy the gummies :wink:

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Hey Tom, haha yeah i know the problem that the springs can jump out of position by hard carving (-; But never tried to ride without them :wink:

Looking really good. I’m looking to do a similar build and have a few questions.

Do the mini DD units fit 80mm motors fine? Not sure what is required if anything to adapt.

Thanks Man No its not possible to use the Mini Drive with 80mm Motors… You only got 50mm CTC … 40mm gone for the 80mm Motor…10mm not enough for the Truck You have to take the regular Direct Drive with Adapters… like here shown for Alien APS :

Worked on the Weapon today, still waiting for Motors etc…

Using a regular Mini Direct Drive, just on a MTB Hanger, it has only to be flipped , The remaining gap is something bigger but will be sealed with Sugru as usual… easy

Man i really love this Hub Adapters…:kissing_closed_eyes:

Going with Freebord Bindings for this build, inspired by my french brother @okp

Progress from today :

Der Shit is dope … :sunglasses:


Board of the year. No doubt. This is going to be a bullet. Can’t wait !!!


Special gif for you once again :wink: I love it ! ! !

This hubs are gorgeous :stuck_out_tongue: and the last pict is seriously siiiick :imp:


Feels like while I am repairing my (hypothetical) Honda Accord, @Nowind builds Lamborghinis in his garage


sooooo thats :heart_eyes:

Without springs, im thinking… its going to ride like a mad Eichhörnchen :chestnut: :

Looking forward to seeing a ride video… :popcorn:

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Updates are looking MEAN. I’m really interested on what the ride quality will be like on the gummies compared to say the superfly 107mm. Those wheels are huge but a good chunk of it isn’t urethane.

Also what the reasoning for DD on a street build? Wouldn’t you prefer belt for less noise?

Also what enclosure are you using? I’m assuming it is going underneath possibly? What battery setup are you planning to run?


That’s just… wow… you did it again.


@okp @Riako @maxid @Nemesis @pshaw @Yecrtz

Really wanna say thank you for your kind replys guys. Its a big pleassure to share my stuff with people who love this shit. Big motivation everytime :kissing_heart:

Yes without springs will be crazy… not going to try this… only for sick pics But planning to play around with some kind of steering damper if possible!

Yap will be really interresting for sure.

yes the noise factor would be better for sure with a belt … But: -Loving the ultra compact look -Autumn is known for alot debris on the streets -Full braking performance possible, far behind any Beltsystem -will use it also with pneumatics in light/dirt/offroad

Battery Setup will be Sony VTC6 in 12S Config,How many P depends on enclosure.

Option Nr1 is Trampa Enclosure, limited to 12S4P, already got one prepered with CNC cutted Slots and Holes… it was such a mess last time by hand…

Option Nr2 will apear hopefully tomorrow… Thinking about for longer and just give it a try this time… Maybe (-; I hope its not too bulky, 50mm height, Trampa one is really slim with nearly 30mm height…

Today the engines arrived, quick mockup for clearence check…

Looks Nice


It looks so sweet ! Hurry to see your enclosure :wink: Thos 6384 looks badass!! Longuer, full black, 170 sensored … and ratio 4:1 on this gorgeous bleu gummies HAAA can’t wait to you riding this :smile:

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Oh man, always innovating and pushing forward! No chance to catch up with You! Some great stuff as usual!


Let me know how your enclosure works out. CNC is dope. Yes, I did the hand cutting + mini circular saw way before. It is a lot of hard work and time consuming than Frank’s @trampa original thread on the matter suggests. You have to saw and saw and saw till your arm falls out.

One issue is that the space is so tight. I had to remove the neoprene from the aluminum L-profile and now will use just the silicone rubber sheet on them because every bit of space counts. I am still trying to shove the antispark with on/off button in there… I barely have room… very concerned if I can make this fit. I think instead of following Frank’s design to the letter I should have connected the battery packs with 12AWG wire at the tops rather than diagonal because that is just lost space. If I had just like 2-3 more cm everything would fit so comfortably. Or if I chop two cells off and make it a 10s4p… but that just feels like a sad, sad, way to go… after planning for 12s.

Any ideas? Smaller AWG wire on the ends of the battery to the vesc’s + antispark and xt 60’s instead of xt 90’s? maybe bullet connectors will save more space? I am having trouble folding the wires to all fit in. No BMS because using a 12s charger from Amazon.