Trampa stuff, brand new! SOLD

I’m selling some parts for my new project.

Basically everything is new. Took a lot of effort in the deck. There a few holes underneath the griptape for power button and charge connector at the tip of the deck…

I prefer to sell everything at once. In parts can be option.

New Price Selling price
Trampa HS11 Deck 16ply
Trampa Battery Undertray
Rubber cover
Vicous Griptape
3d Printed Endplates
Stainless Steel Hardware € 380 € 275
Trampa Bindings Gunmetal Camlocks € 70 € 50
Trampa Heel straps Black Rachets € 35 € 25
Trampa ULTIMATE Trucks Titanium € 293 € 230
Trampa Red Bearings € 28 € 20
Trampa Dampa’s € 35 € 25
2x Unikboard Motormount € 169 € 130
2x Motorpulley 15T + Wheelpulley 72T + Belt 21mm € 15 € 50
Trampa Spare Bearings
Trampa Spare axle nuts & shims

Everything at once for €1050,- -> €750,-

If you have any questions. let me know!

Shipping from Netherlands - Europe

<2kg <5kg 10<kg
Europe € 13-18,5 € 19,5-25 € 25-31
Worlwide € 24,30 € 34,30 € 58,30

I can ship worldwide.

image image image image image image image image

Example Drivetrain, Wheels and Motors not for sale (only for price paid) image image

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You need pictures


of course :+1:

Thats alot of holes… What do you want for the deck?

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How much for your deck + shipping? Or Complete to Australia? Does the deal include board stands?

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see prices above…

there is quite some interest

I want to wait a few days if I can find a buyer for all the parts

Pulleys are printed?

yes new printed pulley’s in PETG,

i have good experience with printed pulleys. Used them on my other boards in shitty environments for 1500km with ease

I can vouch for 3d printed pulleys. Latest pulley I made for pneumatics was printed in pla/pha and still using them after 1000+km

Btw I like your workspace

Ill take everything…can pay today…let me know.


everything sold👍

Board sold too?