Trampa super star same bolt pattern as MBS Rockstar?

Hey guys so I just got a La Croix DSS60. FUGGING LOVE IT.

However, I kinda want a thane wheel option. Does anyone know if Trampa super star’s are the same bolt patter as MBS Rockstar? They look like they should be, but looking to confirm before I buy anything. If they are in theory I can make the La Criox wheel gears work with the MBS Rockstar hubs.

I would prefer abec 107’s but I can’t run Abec 107’s on MBS trucks right? like the bearing’s abec’s used are way smaller and wont fit MBS tucks?

You could pick up some gummies from trampa which work with the superstar rims.

And no, they are not the same pattern

Darn so I’d have to get new pulleys and trampa superstar wheels with the gummie thane to do it?

Is there no way to get regular abec’s on MBS hangers? I can’t change the axle out for a skinnier one right?

I’m a complete newb around all this AT stuff

I think there might be. You need to find 22x12 bearings and you will need a spacer as the Accor for abecs are shorter than matrix trucks.

I’m not totally sure about this but I believe MBs hubs fit with gummies

Trampa hubs are also narrower that mbs hubs You will need to use 12mm spacers to compensate for that

is there any way to confirm this prior to buying and trying?

MBS has different hubs, so you need to be specific. Gummies are designed to fit our hubs perfectly, preventing any slip. The hub profiles differ from manufacturer to manufacturer! We never tried to fit them to any other hub.

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gotchya do you think these would work?

Maybe. I would be a bit concerned with the 5mm width considering most bearings are 8mm. You might need a spacer to make the wheel wide enough that the threads tighten the bearings. You could try and report back :wink:

yeah knew I’d prob have to use a spacer was more worried about the fact that it was only 5mm as you pointed out. skate bearings are usually 7mm.

I think I’m gunna buy two and test fit one wheel.

Might as well.

Hey dude, did you ever try this? How’d the 5mm bearings work out?