Trampa Superstar wheel wobble

I am building a Trampa MTB with a chain drive and have problems with the superstar wheels wobbling. I got 4 complete wheels from Trampa which were conveniently already assembled and inflated. I released the pressure out of two of them and attached the chain sprockets. Now both have significant wobble when spinning, but one is much worse than the other. The two wheels I left untouched also have some wobble, but it is more the tire itself than the hubs or anything and it isn’t that bad. At the rear wheels with the sprockets you can also see the rim and spokes wobbling, not just the tire. I tried to adjust the nuts, but it doesn’t really help. Did anybody else have this problem who can tell me how I may attack this? Thanks

It is better to put a video and pictures of the issue…Could be many things. Also the complete set up of your board…


I have an E-TOXX chain drive, infinity trucks, HS11 deck.

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thats looks really bad, did you check if you put the wheel spacer in the right position? Because the entire wheel is wobbling, check the bearings are within their place, check the spaces it is in the correct position.

When I say wheel spacer , it is the one between the wheel sprockets…

In the video at 0.20, I think I can see the bearing, it looks like it is not completely inside…Bearings should rest inside their place, fully locked…

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Thanks for the replies.

So, I just completely disassembled the worse of the two wheels again and measured and checked everything for tolerances and so on. I have ~16.70 mm spacers and an additional rubber o-ring between the two bearings. The spacer should be 16.5 I think, but there are tolerances. But that isn’t the problem, as the front wheels have about the same length of spacers. I put everything in a flat surface and all parts sit flush, no wobbling, only one of the plastic rim parts isn’t entirely flush, but I again think that this isn’t the reason. The chain sprocket spacers have very minor tolerances as well. What I noticed, though, is that the tire itself is very asymmetrical, it has some kind of a bump at some point. This may lead to the inflated tube being asymmetrical too and may affect the rim? I’ll remount the wheel with a spare tube and one of the front tires and see if that makes a difference.

The bearings should be in the right place, they have sufficient fit I think.

I just see the entire thing moving too much…If you bought your superstars at @Trampa, you should talk to them ASAP…My mountainboards wobble a little, but not that much…I have one my boards with chains.

Also check at https://forum. since most of the builders are there now…

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Check the spokes. Maybe the CNC work on one spoke is not perfectly central.

I disassembled two wheels and measured and compared everything. Indeed the spokes are a bit different. In general there are significant tolerances if you measure the width of where the bearing sits, like so:

That is half a millimeter difference and seems to indicate that the bearing is not always perfectly centered on all spokes. If I put together two spokes using the bolts and feel the inside gap between the spokes with my finger, it seems perfectly smooth on the better wheel, on the bad wheel there is a noticeable edge/offset, meaning there will be strain on the hub resulting in this wobbling. Also the bearing sits very tight in some spokes and falls out by itself in others.

@trampa may I e-mail you for some replacement spokes that have more narrow tolerances and fit together? I now many here spend a lot of money on their boards and order more than just 4 wheels over time, but for me as a university student ~720€ for the board is plenty for now, and I expected precision machined parts that result in wobble free wheels :thinking: please note that all my wheel wobble, including the ones I didn’t touch and that were pre-assembled. But at least the worst of them needs to be fixed.


They are a great company, they will solve your situation, PM them and e-mail them.

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Get in touch via email. david.garlinge at trampaboards dot com

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Just did. Thank you

FYI trampa kindly sent me a whole set of new spokes, so I could find pairs that match as well as possible. The wobble issue is now 100% gone! The tire and rims still wobble a bit, but the spokes itself and the attached wheel sprockets are absolutely perfect now and don’t move at all!