Trampa Tank Build for Sale

Selling my Tampa Build. Living out side of Seattle and would like to try and keep this local for ease of shipping / transfer. Open to other options.

Build this board as my 1st Esk8. After I got it built I figured out it was simply to much board for me. Buy it for parts or just to ride. LOTS of power and long distance riding.

Parts list is as follows

Big thanks to @Kaly and @Nowind for all of the insight and support.

Total it cost me 3k+ to put together. Selling for $1500 just to find a good home.

Eboard-Side Eboard Back Eboard-Front Eboard Top


Very interested if you decide to ship. VERY Interested!

Epic first build! should be proud.

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What don’t you like about the aps motors? I have a set and haven’t powered them yet .

Interested, near you in Seattle. How do I contact you?

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So I guess that is a NO on shipping?

Still available?

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Can you contact me if still available?

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Hi welcome to the forum. Happy new year.

And that would be a negative shipmate for this post is quite old. What are you looking for

Similar setup as above…off-road, helical gears, etc…

I am intrested with similar board.

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Very sorry to hear this. If you need help with anything let me know. Times are tough right now and everyone needs help sooner or later. This forum is a good group of people.

haha thanks i should have enough food for the next week no need to worry


Where you located? Post pictures of the board

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Is it still available?

10 char my face

If this is still for sale I’ll take it