Trampa top mounted boxes

Curious if there are any top mounted boxes that hold a 12s10p config for trampa boards + room for a discharge bms? been trying to plan out a build but my ideas keep changing trying to make it better but I know if I settle for the battery pack that wont get me the most range possible out of the build I will be hella disappointed but I will settle for 12s10p and move on, am hoping that there is one so I can still get a good ass range with 8’’ pneumatics offroading while having the ability to switch to some urethane wheels for even longer cruises and better wh/km average. I originally wanted to under mount for an easier ability to commute but with I can see now that just wont be fit well in an AT build considering the videos I have now seen, it just wouldn’t be practical. I was reluctant at the thought of top mounting at first since itd be more annoying to carry around but oh well. also if anyone knows of a focbox unity enclosure to sit near the motors I need to find one of those since I think it will be unwise to put it in the box so far from the motors.

You already looked through all this?

120cells are nice but be aware that is a great 6kg on your legs. Sure it´s personal preference, but more weight on the deck is less abiltiy to do crazy stuff. The trampa monster box fit 12s7p as far as I can see out of @taz build and that is already a big box. If I´m not wrong I think @anorak234 has a 10p pack top mount on his MBS board.

That´s not a problem. I run that set up by my own. Not with unity but anyway, the extra 40m of phase wires does not do anything bad. If you worry, just use 10AWG as extensions instead of 12AWG.

dont plan on doing anything crazy as a beginner offroading anyway :stuck_out_tongue: going off trails and dirt/grass is more of the goal but jumps and things could still be possible with speed to overcome the weight since I thiink anyone who wants to do crazy stuff and large jumps would go with decreased weight at expense of range more built for pure offroading.

A 12s7p 30q should give you about 36km if your average use is 25wh/km. If you are a beginner than firstly 36km on gravel and grass will already be hard to ride in one go (as min the first times) and secondly I think you will not draw average 25wh/km… sure idk which range you look for but…

how ever, I would just read a bit more here before to start your build.

im reading as much as I can and trying to get as much info I can.

If I used 8" it is going to be a mix of offroad and street, I will 100% not be riding offroad 36 km straight at first, nor over gravel or grass for those ranges.

The Trampa monster box can very easily fit a 12S8P.

Keep in mind that the bigger the battery, the heavier your board will be.

Mine is already 18kg with the 12S7P.

I already have a couple of 65C 5000mAh 6s Lipos and and at some point will try them to see how the board feels with less weight.


I´m sure you will like it! 13kg on my light build is just amazing to blast over the fields and jump out of bumps :relaxed:


I use 12s5p packs but have 3 of them. This gives me the range if I want to do a long ride but lightweight for more aggressive riding. 12s5p gives me about 22km of off road. Most of my rides have been one pack in the morning, lunch, and then a second pack in the afternoon :+1:t2:

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