Trampa Trucks Maintenance - Bushing Replacement on Springtrucks

More and more Trampa Builds outthere :grin:

Wanna make sure everybody knows that they are small bushings inside of the Springtrucks which needet to replace from time to time.

Replacement from Trampa is super cheap, different sizes available. I never needet others then 2 and 2.5mm.

Dont wait to long, my expierence is that on the driven Truck they can worn out fast :

This one is really bad worn out, it splittet into two parts, now the round bushing part moves out of the Hanger and you got alot of backlash!

Your Hanger can get damaged and even more important you can get some very bad speed wobbles …

so dont be lazy and take care about this little parts :

Remove Countersunk Screws from underside of Truck, 3mm Hex :

Remove Adjuster Screws from upperside, 4mm Hex :

Use a clamp to compress one side of the Truck :

Remove the first spring with dampa :

Decompress and remove second one :

Now Remove the Kingpin, Titanium 5mm Hex or Steel 4mm Hex and 10mm wrench :

Take out the old bushings from the Baseplate and the Hanger and insert new ones.

I use a piece of Aluminium Tube to prevent that a worn out bushing can move out of place. Its optional, you dont need this for rebuild. 8mm ID, 34mm Length

Assemble again with Kingpin and washers(one on top, one on end) :

Place one Spring, fix from underside with the countersunk bolt :

Same procedure backwards with the clamp :

Before tighten the Adjuster from top make sure the Dampas alignment is good :

I tight them down until the backlash of the Dampa inside the Spring is gone :

Not more then equal with Deck hight :

Ready to Rock :sunglasses: Cheers Jenso


Thank you for that Tip Nowind !

What are the different size bushings for ? 2-2.5mm

Could Trampa maybe use a Different Material for longer lasting bushings ??

Its the thickness of the collar. IMO its reinforced Nylon, so good stuff. For me its ok to change this super cheap part regulary.

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Sounds like a good place to use delrin

What is Delrin?

Delrin is a brand name.

Here is more info on the material

Well maybe Trampa will chime in and tell us what material their actually using ?

I’m looking for an alternative option to these bushings, I don’t want to wait several weeks for them to arrive as for me Trampa is all the way around the globe and shipping is extremely slow with no tracking number, still waiting on my bearings for 1.5 months!

Does anyone have them in USA or have found them online somewhere?

Another option would be to 3D print them out of nylon, here is the stl file in case you want to go that route:

Wow, thanks for this tutorial, it’s very helpful!

I would like to know how often it’s needed to replace them, any rough estimation in kilometers? On my MTB (rode it for 600km) there is play and movement between hanger and baseplate including noise, even worse on the drive truck.

I just disassembled one truck (the very first time with clamps :joy:) and the bushings seem fine. I think I have to change one or both 2mm bushings on the hanger to 2.5mm, hope that solves it.

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I’m curious about distance for replacement too. Anyone have a guess?

Do you have a caliper ? Just meassure the inside distance of the Baseplate without any bushing AND meassure the outside distance of the hanger without any bushings. calculate the difference and divide through two… now you got the needet flange thickness Cheers


Did you ever use them printed? Sounds like an easy fix when I have to replace mine sometime.

Could be prone to delamination in prolonged use the oem ones are cheap enough to buy a bunch for spares

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No i never tried. Makes no sense imo because the original bushings are really cheap… around 50cent

But i started a testrun with metal inserts …


I’ve been using 3D printed bushing since the ones that came in my board wore out. They last just as long as the ones sold by Trampa. I Print them in Talman 910 100% infill .2 layer hight. The bushings from Trampa are cheap but they RAPE you on the shipping.

Here is a link to my file, included are all the sizes Trampa sells

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Thank you! I got 910 laying around anyways for my gears so i will use it when I need them before my next tramps order :smiley:

Well I measured the distances several times and the flange thickness fits almost 100% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It is easy to slide the hanger in the baseplate, should it be hard (pressfit)?

Maybe the bushings are worn out a bit inside or it is because the kingpin has 7.92mm diameter and the bushings 8mm, I’ll try it with new ones. But anyway I think this (first world) problem can’t damage my trucks.

Thanks for your help :blush:

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From my expierence it should slide in fine and smooth… No hard pressfit IMO

On my Carver i had some annoying noise with to much pressfit fitting :rofl:

As long your bushings are not worn out i think they is nothing to fear…

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