Trampa Twin Motor Mount 2017

IMG_3252 IMG_3253 IMG_3254 Hi, selling two new never used 2017 Trampa motor mounts. No ] motor included, just the mounts. Asking US250.-. Shipps from USA. And shipping excluded. Let me know.

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Hello What would be the lowest price you would sell them for?

I’m working on a mountainboard (has nothing to do with Trampa) but the mounts look interesting, just not for that sum.

I understand if you say, you won’t sell them cheaper… just asking. maybe.


The mounts just fit trampa trucks. If you not gonna use them you will not be happy with this mounts.

Hi there, those mounts fit the Trampa Hypa hubs. You can however adjust by drilling a new hole pattern. That would work easely. Its a nice double setup mount and new. So 250 is a good price. Trampa sells the successor for 450 Pounds right now. As I said, brand-new never used. I could however take the shipping cost depending where you live. Let me know if you interested.

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Pm’d 10char

Hi all, still availalbe.

Still available.

Hi Steve, price is already low. Want to sell them, not giving them away :grin: