Trampa ultimate trucks

Hi is anyone using trampa ultimate titanium trucks on their electric builds , I wanna know if they are suitable as I want some but the don’t seem very popular is it because of the cost or “other reasons”

If you want accurate advice, please consider providing the information required to provide it.

Intended purpose. Terrain. Wheel size.

Hi so I have a trampa urban carver , Iimage

I have added photo might be easier , I want to put dual motors 190kv on this bad boy my main question is regarding the trucks ( I have not bought any of this yet) is are they up to the job

They very common here. The thing is that they have a hollow 9mm axle only. So if you wanna do some crazy jumps, better go with the infinity hanger. If you just wanna cruiz than they good.

They are up to the task. The Vertigo 12mm is still a bit stronger in absolute meassures . Weight to strengh: Ultimate is stronger.

dont fall for the fancy words, they have hollow shafts which are not the best for our purpose hollow shafts are used where you have a rotating force, in simple words and we have a bending force, just get the infinity trucks i think theres a 150g difference in a truck set, imo its totally worth it

Don’t worry about the hollow axle pin. The steel we use is a lot tougher than regular skate axle steel. These hangers have prooven to be bullet proof. Matt Brint (current MTB world champion) is riding them and he is still on his first pair of hangers. These hangers are built to withstand the abuse.

I have a question to the trucks in general. I have a set of mini vertigo trucks. On the back trucks the pins got slightly bent very fast. It’s not affecting the performance but it’s a pain in the ass to get the wheels with the spacer off. Is it normal? First thought my belts too tight. Than changed front to back truck, set the belts the max lose as possible but still after one two weeks I can only hardly get off the wheels.

You still haven’t described what that job is. There is a big difference in just cruising around, regular off-road use or riding trails, jumping etc. with all the heavy gear we use.

One user here managed to bend the hangar itself (ultimate / vertigo hangers are identical AFAIK with the exception of the axis diameter) performing jumps. Kite boarders have reported similar incidents. The hanger has a chance of bending on harsh impacts.

Personally, I don’t think the minimal weight savings are worth the sacrifice in strength. The few grams you save will hardly have an impact on the overal weight, let alone handling/speed/range. I bought the solid trucks.

For street use, I would go as light as possible.

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Sorry , I currently ride a kaly with vertigo trucks , I ride mainly street with a bit of off road I like to jump stuff but only small stuff not like crazy shit , I have loved the ultimates since watching the old e toxx videos on you tube , I would say my requirements are to be able to pop off kerbs the odd jump some fast off road and even though it’s a tiny weight saving my current board weighs a tonne so I want my next one to be lighter no matter how small

In that case, the ultimate will do the job just fine.