Trampa Urban Carver DIY build

Hi guys, I’d like to share my build. Hopefully it will inspire others or help to prevent people from making the mistakes I have in the process. Hope you like it and please let me know if you have any questions.

As a kid I got into skateboarding and later on long boarding. I got into the esk8 hobby in 2017. This is when I decided to buy a Boosted Board V2, and went to all sorts of trouble to get it to Amsterdam (they weren’t shipping here at that moment in time, so I sent it to a friend of a friend in Oregon, who shipped it to me, issues with customs, etc…). Long story short, what I initially thought was going to be a fun board, that I would ride every now and then, turned out to be a machine I fell in love with. The smoothness and flex in the deck makes it a such a great ride. Soon enough I started riding the board to work at sunny days. Which is like a 10km ride.

For those of you who’ve ever been to Amsterdam; in Amsterdam cyclists are the boss. So over the years that I’ve lived an worked here the city has become a lot less friendly to cars. When I’m unlucky with traffic, the daily 10km ride into the city center by car could take me up to 1,5hours. So I started taking my boosted board more and more, as it would take me 25 minutes max (hard shredding). The boosted board is great, and I still love it, but the ride is only as good as the ground you ride on. Taking on tram rails, or the Amsterdam bricked roads is harsh, so I needed something with pneumatic wheels. Also the range of the extended range battery would only take me one way, so having to charge at the office was a bit of a pain.

Earlier this year I started looking into my next esk8 move. I fell in love with Kaly.Nyc’s work and I also love the Lacroix builds. But since both of them are situated in North America, shipment, customs issues, waiting time are what put me off from buying one. Also, I have a substantial background in competitive drone racing so I’m quite competent with everything I had to deal with in building my own.

I then started the research process. In general, for everyone planning on building their own DIY board - I have to say: research is everything. There’s so much info out there, and overall the process of making my buying decisions was super time consuming and something I definitely underestimated.

My main inspiration for the build was this build from Kaly:


Soon enough I learned the Kaly builds were based on Trampa hardware (board & trucks), which is situated in the UK and makes shipment to NL very convenient. (Note: Kaly recently started fabricating his own decks I believe).

Deck & Trucks: I didn’t really intend to pull the trigger as fast as I did, but somehow early April I stumbled on an ad on a secondhand website (Marktplaats) with a guy from Belgium who was selling this:


This seemed like a good deal and exactly what I was looking for. Trampa Carver deck, Infinity Mini Trucks and an E-Toxx motormount. All new and in perfect condition. I ended up buying the gear for about half of what it would cost me in retail. In hindsight this wasn’t the best investment I made, because of two reasons:

  1. I never intended to use the Trampa Gummies, but I wanted to build a flex deck with pneumatic wheels for those harsh parts of roads of my daily commute in Amsterdam. Buying the wheels separately still made it a costly investment.

  2. The Trampa trucks are unique in a way that you can mount them in reversed hanger position, to lengthen your wheelbase, and lower the deck, perfect for pneumatic wheels. However, the E-toxx motormount was only made for assembling them in the position above. Initially I was afraid I couldn’t even to continue with the build because I thought I’d get wheel bite with the larger wheels and the trucks having to remain in this position. But it turned out this was no issue so I decided to move forward.

Wheels: I decided to go for the then newly released Trampa Megastar wheels. I bought those because the silver aluminum looks sexy as hell but also because they come in an off-set option. Which basically allows you to mount the wheels further to the outside of the truck, widening your wheelbase, a look I fell in love with.

IMG_4804 IMG_4809

Motors: I read on the E-Toxx site that my belt motor mounts would probably not fit 6374 motors so to be safe I decided to go for 6365 170kv motors from Maytech. Really beefy motors, closed design, and since I’m more into smooth carving than offroad shredding or racing I trusted they would provide me with plenty of power (which they turned out to do).

35 44

Enclosure: Being quite competent with electronics and practical part of my build, I’ve came to the understanding that building a battery enclosure that doesn’t look crooked is a process that requires practice and patience. I decided not to build my own, but buy one from the number one enclosure shop that is out there: eBoosted Peru. I can’t express the amount of respect I have for the quality and craftmanship he puts into his products and this community. I bought the Urban Carver enclosure suitable for 12s4p.


Batteries: I ordered my batteries from being a local shop for me. After some research I decided to go for Sony VTC6 18650’s to make my 12s4p pack. They out-spec the 30q’s as long as you don’t stress them too much they will continue to do so over time.


Building the Battery: I sent everything off to a friend of mine (Shout out to Bas) who built the pack for me, as I learned I wasn’t able to solder it but had to use a spot welder instead. Also I realized how little space was left in the enclosure so now some careful planning was ahead for the rest of the hardware.

BMS, I realized there was no way I could fit a high discharge Bestech in my enclosure so I decided to go for a charge only BMS: Bestech d140. I had to order it from USA as it was out of stock everywhere. Also I added some fuses for both the charge port and the discharge port.

38 34 57

ESC: I ordered a Enertion Unity in early April. And like everyone one this forum, I expected to receive it about a month ago, but still haven’t. As I didn’t plan to miss out on riding this summer, I had a hard time to find an alternative that would fit in my enclosure. Eventually I stumbled into the newly released Flipsky Fsesc 6.6 plus. Great product, small form factor and its holding up beautifully, anti-spark switch, etc. It took only 5 days to land on my doorstep (in fact this was the last product I needed to get building / riding).

4009DB71-B5A8-4E56-89E1-1A4278703003 48

Remote: I have to say. Coming from a boosted board remote, I realized that I was really spoiled. Most remotes in the DIY community are crappy and feel really cheap. I want that the quality of my remote matches the amount of love I put into my board. Thumb wheel control is a must have for me. Eventually I decided to go for the Hoyt St Puck remote. Beautiful and unique in design, but above all reliable in connection and how it works. I have to get used a bit to the fact that there isn’t an ‘arming’ button that you have to press to make the wheel work, so I have to be careful with not accidentally launching my board when standing at a traffic light. After two weeks of riding I have to say I absolutely love it. Not only does it work great and is easy to set up, it also has a great and natural feel in the hand and looks gorgeous.


Building & result pics below

11 21 38 17 55 30 48 30 21 45 11

Riding & looking back Looking back on the building process I definitely underestimated the amount of time I put into the building process. But now that my build is finished I have to say I absolutely love it and feel fulfilled that I did this by myself (not to forget all the help I got during the process from within this community). I get about an 25km range with the 12s4p pack and shredding quite heavily. Riding it is a dream come true.


Awesome build, FPV and Esk8 seems to be a popular combination :smiley:

There’s really nothing much to say about the board, looks really clean and professional. Love the Urban Design, have fun!

This is sick! I can’t wait to eventually build one of these AT board builds.

Really nice board man! Thanks for such detail build thread :slight_smile: So would you recommend the flipsky 6.6plus ? Im in the same situation as you for the unity…

would not you have forgotten to inflate the wheels? I’m 40 km with a 10S4P, and 25 km when the wheels are not inflated

Love it! I was in the process of my first diy and got a trampa eMTB with etoxx helical gears in trade for my enduro. I had the same thought process in the beginning, with getting one to try out and go from there. I too fell in love quite quickly hahaha went from the one used board, to three ride ables and the diy, not including getting my brother in-law hooked and his two boards Hahahaha So I kept gathering diy parts, got the trampa carver deck, aps motors, bestech bms and just got my 2nd hand eboosted enclosure and 12s4p 30qs today (awesome quality agreed!) I had looked at the flipsky dual but hadn’t seen to much info outside of the site, how you like it?? It’s that or going to go bulletproof with the trampa vesc6+ x2.

Enjoy the ride on that gorgeous machine bro!