Trampa wand and flipsky vesc 6.6 dangerous random delay with throttle

When I press the throttle on my Trampa wand most of the time it works fine but sometimes it has a delay until it gets to half throttle and then jumps right up to 28mph. It also would continue to spin the motors for a couple seconds after releasing the throttle. I built this board over a year ago and it’s always worked perfectly fine until now, this is completely random. I checked the connection and it’s perfect I can control the board from a few feet away and it will still even do this when a few inches from the receiver. I also updated the firmware in vesc tool and started from scratch.

I’m using the Trampa helical 10/58 spur gear setup, flipsky vesc 6.6, two 6s 22000mah lipos in series, and the Trampa wand.

I could really use the help figuring this one out as I’m out of ideas and I’m afraid to get on the board again until it’s fixed since I figured this problem out the hard way (I fell and broke my ribs).

Video of the problem: