Trampa Wood Deck Off-Road/ComfyCruiser Build

I started this build some time ago and thought I would use this thread as a place to share my progress as this build is gonna take a while to complete due to Uni commitments! (and lack of spare cash haha!)

The main reason I took on this build was actually my interest in CNC which led me to designing and making my own (simple) motor mounts for the Trampa trucks.


Had two bits of scrap 10mm 6082 lying around so stuck them on the CNC and let the robot do the rest!

IMG_20190801_160006326 IMG_20190801_193104070 IMG_20190801_200645495 IMG_20190801_200651185 IMG_20190801_200654326 IMG_20190801_200656477

Got them mounted with some Alien Power motors at the moment, still working on the board and trying to decide in whether to go with and under-deck battery pack, or put it on top of the deck… Will all depend how much I want to off road I guess!

IMG_20190801_214949613 IMG_20190801_214954070 IMG_20190801_215011276 IMG_20190801_215017431

The maple deck is quite flexy though so i’m worried about beaching the board on the battery pack if it is underslung! Might try and stiffen the deck with some fiberglass and see if this helps witht he ground clearance!


just interested in what wheels your using and where you got them from?

Trampa 8 inch :slight_smile: