Trampaboard generall information. I have bought a used one and i am having some issues. Totally noob


I have bought a used Trampaboard and i am so dissapointed with it. If i start with full throttle, the belt jumps, and if i go full throttle for a few seconds, the power goes down suddenly. I would like to know if it is normal and this boards are not able to start at full throttle, and what can be the power shut off. If someone of you know how to make a log of the vescs with the bluetooth module and an android device, or have some tutorial, will be great.

I bought it used because i have no time and wanted a ready to run one with battery and everything, and a i think that i made a wrong choice…:disappointed_relieved:

Best regards.

This are the specs:

  • Deck: 16ply 35Âş Holypro
  • Motor mount: Trampa Pro Motor mount
  • Trucks: Trampa Vertigo Trucks
  • Wheels: Trampa Superstar 8 inch
  • 2x original VESC 6.0
  • Motors: 136kv TRAMPA Motor
  • Battery pack: 12s5p (Samsung 30q cells)
  • Tires: 8 Inch HARD TRAMPA Treads Tyres
  • Remote: MAYTECH
  • 1x Trampa Bluetooth module
  • 1x Vedder Antispark

And this is a picture of it.1c3b2958-c62f-4815-bce4-6b1e020dc584

Try connecting both vescs to pc, update firmware and run setup wizard. Here’s a video tutorial how to run detections


When the belt jumps the vesc may throw an overcurrent error.

This can also happen if you lose traction and regain it suddenly.

Make sure the motor mounts are aligned correctly, if necessary tighten your belt, check for errors in the vesc terminal and come back with the results.


Did you ask the seller about it? He should be able to give some info. Did you bought it from @AgileCow ?

Maybe you need to tighten the idlers if the belt skips on hard accelerating and braking.

Reduced power could also be hot motors, touch them when this problem occurs.


Yes, we have had a conversation about it.

I recommended connecting to the VESCs and collecting some log information, try running it in full speed mode unloaded for instance, and update the firmware.

Admittedly I do not start with full throttle and I do not ride full speed for longer periods of time normally. The belts might need to be tightened after transport.

Also, since there were transport damages to the “VESC box” I cannot stress enough that they need to be diagnosed before we try to figure out what is wrong here.

The belts is (to me) normal maintenance on a board such as this, start with tightening these, do a test and if you still have issues let me/us know

Alright just wanted to get sure that the OP asked you first which was the case.

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Yup, he did.

It irritates me a lot that the board was damaged during shipping and that it is not performing as Javier wants to. I will assist in any reasonable way I can.

@Javierpeba how has it gone? Did the belt tightening solve the problem?

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I have the mounts, in the picture one of the motors seems have a bit of miss alignment; I suggest you to take some time and patience with this. Because if you tension too much the belt, under this situation, it will skip some teeth. Also the dropping power could be just a bullet connector from the motors, you should check everything, because it could be a just as simple like the receiver is a little bit loose. It is not about a tighten or loose belt, is about having patience to learn, use the board for a while, take some tools with you, until you find the balance…Also get into and take your time to learn, there are manuals for everything. I went to the same process, with frustration first, but after that, is all about happiness and joy…

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Forgot to mention, you need to realign that motor, use loctite, for that you need to take it apart, it is simple and necessary!!! If you have any questions PM me, you have a great board!

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That there is a pretty advanced piece of kit for an entry into the life my friend. Its a wonderful machine and as such will require some tweaks to keep in good order. You have the board and now its time to learn how it works. Good purchase and I’m sure when you get your head around it it will be everything you want. Good luck.


Thanks to all for the messages!!

Sorry about the delay texting back to all, but like i said, unfortunally i have not free time from monday to friday… This weekend i will check everything you writed to me, and tell how it goes.

Best regards!



This morning i could work in the Trampa and i see more things wrong, so i decided to unmount all the drive system and returnt to install it.

Like we see on this video, the left tyre didn´t turn smoothly.

The two printed belts cover was broken on the bottom, and at this point that my idea of a ready to run board were only a dream :sweat_smile: i trash them to put another better cover in the future.

There is one missed bolt, some bolt without washer, and many bolts bad aligned, forcing me to use the screw tap many times. This problem i think were caused because de motor cover, it disalign the system. So i will not to install it again.

I found the belt was disaligned, and a bit lose. Should use loctite in this belt drive piece?

And a little stone incrusted.

The drive system it is like this right now. I am gonna buy the missed bolts and washers, loctite, and return to assemble it.

When it will be done, i am gonna to the next step, the electrical. I dont like the system, it requires to unmount the battery cover tu recharge it, and find this melted xt90 connector, so i will opted to check it everithing and put it by my hands.

I want to buy two belts for replacement and some air chamber. There will be any good option in aliexpress or similar web. Or i should go directly to trampa web?

Best regards!

That looks like it’s from a slip of the sodering iron, not from malfunction. Sould be okay if the contact points look okay.


Hey mate. Make sure you get some grub screws for that motor pulley and loctite them into place. Good spot on the few bolts that werent fully secured. Regarding the XT90S, that’s not from drawing too much current. It looks like a simple soldering iron slip. Keep us posted with how the firmware update goes.

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Motor Pulley, loctite 638 or 680, to remove it torch it a little bit and use a cheap bearing extractor in the future. The grub screws of the motor mount have to bi tighten with patience, start from the top one then the opposite one then the right and then the opposite, not at once, go slow step by step repeatedly until is done, your have to use same loctite as motor pulleys. Let it cure for a night before hitting the road. Use belt loose, try to get as much free wheeling as possible, tension the belt slowly until you find the spot. Do not over tight the wheel 12 mm axel… Do not over tight any screw, the rest of the Allen screws just loctite 243. The Allen from the wheel hubs, I would not use loctite at all…just tighten them enough. Smart decision on take in apart the board, you will learn a lot, I would not use the motor covers at all, motors need airflow…Wish you the best!

Aside from some of the truck mount issues, I discovered that the cause of my intermittent cuts came from the receiver connector getting intermittently disconnected by the batteries jostling around.


A little wire management goes a long way.


Hello to all!! I am writting to you while wait for a taxi. The trampa dindn’t burned by miracle. After finish the aligment that took me many time, i go for a ride to test, track it, and made some video for you. But after 9km it started to smell like something were starting to burn. Like i didnt trust in this board, i carry with me an allen and i can oppen the box finding this :(. I will text back on home…15565628333363880323960214643630

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Well, i am already in home , and the trampa too.

I didn´t risk to bring with me in the taxi the battery, because i touch it and started to make smoke. So a place it over a cement surface, untill i know how to manage it to trasport it to a recycling point ¿or should i oppen it and take a look?. I know this batteries will make a fast and powerfull fire, but i dont know if can explode and make and injury to me. I have more than enough worries with this board… ¿Maybe should i transport it in a pressure cooker?

In the other hand, i will need a new one battery, and maybe new chargers… I don´t need more than 15km of range with a fast riding. In Trampa web recommend the next ones.

Turnigy Graphene Professional 12000mAh 6S15C LiPo Pack w/ XT90

-ZIPPY Compact 6200mAh 6s 40c Lipo Pack w/ XT90

I think i preffer 4xZIPPY Compact 6200mAh 6s 40c and i can choose go for a ride with 2 units of it for less weight, or with 4 for more range. But i am a noob, and dont know if i miss something and will be better 2xTurnigy Graphene Professional 12000mAh 6S15C or another battery.


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@fottaz and @AgileCow - I think you guys need to get together and talk to this gentleman.