TravelCruiser with VESC 4.20 | 6354 190KV Belt drive | 10S LIPO | 29,5 Inch deck |

After my First build I desided to build a cruiser with serious power. So I present to you the big brother!

Future plan is to use Li-ion batteries, but for now I stick to my LIPO’s These ones are 5x 2S with 6000mah.

From left to right:

  • 2x VESC 4.2 50A
  • Antispark power switch 280A
  • 10S 37V-42V BMS 45A continues and 100A peak
  • (not on picture) 10A fuse between BMS and chargeport
  • Receiver Maytech remote

Check the power button!!

No real carbon fiber! just a wrap XD Created a charging power with XT30 connector. I didn’t have a normal powerplug.

For now I used 15T and 36T pulleys which gives me a top speed of 45-48kmph


  • Replace stainless steel cover with carbon/glasfiber/ALU plates
  • Finetune the trucks -> Bushing hardness is 92A
  • Replace ABEC 11 -> After 3 rides I already feel a lot of play in the bearing.
  • Finetune VESC parameters -> Acceleration and brake is too powerfull
  • Change heatsinks with custom made heatsinks for better cooling.

Really nice deck! Don’t forget to share this build on esk8 news too! :blush:


Nice place for the switch, did you need to modify the paris base plate?

No it was hollow, so I only needed to place the switch and fill it up with hotglue:). Maybe in the future I will use black silicon kit.

This is a great stealth build!!!

They do sell black hot glue sticks, i have them in dark blue. Very slick build, enjoy it.

damn that a very nice build