Traveling to Orlando in 10 days any esk8 members in the city?

I wonder if there are any meetups and cool places to ride, if so I’ll fly with my Raptor 2 since I have an extra battery in USA.

I’m sure @longhairedboy is somewhere near there



pm him 10chars

I just PMed him

oh. my. fucking. god. Where did you find that? That is literally Orlando in a single image.

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It’s another entry for the LHB tee shirt competition intellectual rights be damned!

I have a mouse, esk8 and alcohol problem googling for help

i see no reason not to somehow creatively combine those issues into a single super issue that rocks really hard.

@eboosted I’m in Orlando. Ocoee, actually. I’m working my way through my notifications now, i was offline most of the weekend fucking up a couple more decks and finally getting two cut right, and getting more evolve mods knocked out. I’m about to build the most beautiful deck ever for a guy who like guitar sunburst finishes.


That’s gonna be shiney, looking forward to the posts.

I bought a board off this guy and noticed this really nice Les Paul effect

very similar! but a red stain sunburst fading to black matte paint then glossed. IT should look killer though.

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No frets? :+1:

If this comment causes you to swear loudly then cut fret channels on the upside for fret foot grip I am truly sorry :joy:

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fretted grip actually sounds kind of amazing.

It would both feel and sound amazing, mixed in with your usual glass maybe even just around the feet positions

but hey don’t fret it…I’m here all day :clown_face:

THat’s frikkin awesome, been playing guitar for 30 years and never even considered using a sunburst finish on a guitar.

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It only costs money Mike!

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too short unfortunately, but Im gonna look into using that finish on a 36-38in deck


Mother of pearl


Ok, I’m packing my Raptor 2 without battery in my backpack, the battery will come from Texas via ground, hope I could find forum members in downtown Orlando, otherwise I’ll go to shred downtown on my own, I’m taking my DJI Mavic, GoPro and Osmo Mobile with me for a killer esk8 trip video.


Fuck I’m in orlando. I wish I saw this

I just arrived yesterday.

So I’m ready for a ride, night time would be better because it’s hot in the morning