Traveling via plane

So I’m going to Boston NYC and Philly next week and I’m reading about bringing my board over to the east coast. The problem is my batteries they are 4500 mh 22.2v which is 99.9 watt hours and they allow 100 watt hours each. Has anyone ever traveled with batteries like this every or is it a no go?

There are already several topics on this, a quick use of the search bar may be helpful. To answer your question, you are fine on every airline EXCEPT United

If I were you i would make sure you can detached your battery from the skate for the trip: many companies have rules for batteries but they also have rules for batteries enbedded in a device or electric vehicles, that can be strictly forbidden. Check the airline site first. All batteries also need to be carried as hand luggage, nothing checked in. Several up to 100Wh, 1 only up to 160Wh. No bigger battery allowed. Good luck.

I flew Emirates from Taipei to London and had my Arc board pre-approved with them online before i even booked the ticket. Got to check in and they told me I had to check in the board and carry on the battery (136ah). I spent the next 30 minutes running around the airport looking for the tools to take the board apart. Juat made it on the flight

I assume you mean 136 Wh? That’s not a very big battery. But the best is still to contact the company beforehand as you did.

Ya I just printed up the faa and tsa regulations on the battery and I just showed the tsa agent and he just let me walk with a quick bomb test thing. Very easy

I travel by airplane once a week and usually I bring my board. Routine is checking in the board without batteries and carrying on showing the 99Wh mark on my batteries when going trough security. I carry two 99Wh batteries. When I deliver the board they always ask if it contains any batteries since it’s not allowed to check in batteries anymore.

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