Tried a cheap ESC - not so wise, need advice if it will work


Does this ESC work for an electric longboard?

its a 100A Brushless ESC with 5V/5A SBEC BEC model: Switch

Settings User programming options: Cell Type: NiMH/NiCD/Lipoly/Li-ion Cell Count: 2S-7S/6-20NIMH Throttle Setting: Auto/Soft/Hard Brake: No Brake/Soft/Medium/Hard Direction: Clockwise/Counter Clockwise Cut off: Soft/Hard Timing: 1o/7o/15o/30o PWM: 8Khz/16khz

My first problem is I can´t program it using my thumb wheel remote (winning - without the winning text :P). I belive the ESC needs a regular classic remote with two knobs to program it. The engine will run but it seems somewhat random/inresponsive to the controller. Also it starts at about 80% full power when the control is in neutral … unsure if any setting will fix that.

What to do, buy a classic remote to program ESC? Or buy another ESC, which one? Setup is 6S li-ion and a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5055-280kv motor.

Buy car esc. These boat esc’s brakes are so bad that basicly there isn’t any.

i used HobbyKing® ™ X-Car Beast Series ESC 1:8 Scale 150A its cheap breaks work ive only done 20 miles on it ill let u know how it goes

did it work well ?

you can set breaks they work well stop when ever i need to for the money you cant go wrong

at 22.8 mph i was able to stop within a few feet

that’s nice , which motors are you using ? single or dual ? and i’m searching for dual motor esc’s , they’re quite expensive in most of the big e commerce . Can you recommend websites with good quality products with reasonable pricing ?

im looking aswell maytech 12s i think is what ill go for,my next board will be 10s set up ill add the link its about the best setup ive seen.the motor i have is sk3 190kv i had great fun on it so the setup was xcar beast,2x3s 5000mha 65c,sk3 190kv ,so i got 7.5 miles and 22.8 mph it was great fun.keep breaking motor mounts i scraped that set up planning new setup 2s 5000mha 60c x5 12s maytech 190 kv sk3 motor, last set up i used 100mm rollerblade wheels im going to use them again

Yeah the 150A version is very good. Also the 120A version will be good. I got the one from banggood, they are used a lot and smooth startup and braking experience