Trimming a Htd5 belt

I ran out of 360mm HTD5 belts for my favorite board. Unfortunately I need to order more but it’ll take me around 2 weeks to get them in Lima.

Nevertheless, I do have some 390mm belts, do you guys know if there are ways to trim a belt to 360mm?

I was considering doing something like that for a 3d printing application, came across videos like this:

I decided it wasn’t strong enough for 3d printing, so for esk8 I think it would be even less reliable.

Thanks for the input.

I’ve seen there are some kind of clamps you can use, others sew them with some kind of strong filament

It would be really nice to be able to make belts of any size at home

One of the benefits of chains


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It is possible to cut and rejoin belts, but its not a strong fix. It would only work for low stress parts like 3d printers and whatnot. An esk8 belt can break even without being cut.

Once the fiberglass/cf/kevlar banding is cut completely, that belt is done for. No amount of rubber cement and sewing will get it to the point that its useable.


@Eboosted Is it possible to print a gear ring that fits the teeth of your wheel pulley and slides over with a larger tooth count that fits the belt?

I was fortunate to find a local belt shop who had the perfect belt for my setup, HTD5 350-5M 15mm, howecer I had to pay US$ 14 for each, much better than wait 20 days without my Century 40