Troubleshooting Canbus issues?

Having some issues with the canbus. I am doing surgery on a chaka quad vesc, replacing a problematic vesc. Using the same cables as before, vesc powers up, but canbus won’t work. Set send status over canbus on this new vesc, and it’s connected. But when I try to connect to other vescs, it doesn’t work.

Testing with a multimeter, the connector is connected, to the vesc and other vescs also. however, the signal between pin 2 and 3 is positive. I though if you touched pin 2 and 3, they shouldn’t be connected. Can anyone confirm this?

@chaka @Ackmaniac

This is vesc # 2, btw. #1 is master, #3 and #4 are good slaves. If i plug into 3, I can connect to 1 and 4, but not 2.

Thanks in advanced.

Do you have any rework equipment?

I’m going to invest in a good reflow station in the near future. I really want to get into vesc work more.

I did pop on a another one of your vesc’s right now, and canbus seems to be working again. I need to send you this vesc I took off of the quad. It gives no fault codes, but has burned 3 motors out. I’ve been doing a lot of rewinding becuase of it, but I believe it is the vesc now, cause I’ve done 8 rewinds in the past week and all have been good. This one, which burnt out a carvon, seems to have some issues. It also csays the temp is -30 C, which it’s clearly not, some sopmething funky hear.

Don’t worry though, I’m taking care of you quad baby. I’m using good flux and solder, cleaning up after my self with rubbing alcohol and queue tips, and my iron is far above average and this ain’t my first rodeo :slight_smile: