Truck fittings and bearings

Hi there, I’m trying to find if the Bones Red Bearings will fit the Enertion motor mount, pulley and Enertion trucks (or Diy’s trucks). It does’nt seem like they have any information about bore diameter and I’m open to get any other bearings if they fit.

they will fit but don’t have the flange that the standard enertion bearings have. having said that they aren’t exactly going to fall out…

Bones Red Bearings will fit either. They are all standard longboard bearings. As LowGuido said the Enertion Plastic Pulley uses a flange.

Will they fit Diy’s trucks what is[quote=“lowGuido, post:2, topic:15271”] flange [/quote]

I believe it is a F608Z bearing

its the same size as normal reds but has a small flange on the end. I’m sure reds will work fine