Truck from evolve and motor mounts from trampa

Hi Do you think the trampa mounts work on the evolve truck ? I think to get 2 evolve front truck to used on my flat deck and used the motor mounts from trampa

Thank you

no they do not.

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May I ask what is your reason for wanting to use the evolve trucks?

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Bc i need some truck go on flat deck and I can use AT WHEEL

What motor mounts work on it

the evolve mounts?

also @okp’s mounts

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I will not use the back truck only the front truck I was thinking I can use the same thing to the motor mounts from trampa

no you can’t. there is not a single motor mount for the front evolve truck.

Check out @psychotiller website, he’s been putting AT wheels on standard decks since the dawn of esk8