Truck kingpin in same direction?

cant seem to find much on this subject here or else where, seems they only say what way they should be, not what the result of failing to follow orders are :slight_smile:I have Caliber trucks so kingpin should be out, but what happens if i mount the rear truck so that kingpin is facing forward (i have a directional board design)

i dont slide or anything like that so all i really need is a stable board that turns well.

why do i want this? the “” motor mounts cant be mounted facing rear without being horizontal, cant adjust them at a higher angle so im thinking reversing the rear truck might give me that extra clearance so my motor doesnt hit the ground.

The rear truck will turn the wrong way. It won’t work.

well fekk… hehe thanks for info though

Your welcome. I meant to add more to that… There have been a few people that have modded that mount to work in reverse. The motor can end up hitting the truck though :confused: For $32 you could order the reverse mount to fit the clamp you already have or if it’s brand new maybe they would let you exchange it.