Truck Mount Lights, Anyone ever used these?

Looking to maybe run these on my trucks. Any experience?

I have them. They are brighter than my shred lights. Battery doesn’t seem to last as long though. Also they arent the beat at staying where u put them given that the stock mounting is via a rubberband.

I am considering making a light gauge 90 degree metal bracket and mount them on top of the board via the truck mounting bolts.

Woild u be able to access the charging port without removing the light?

I have no clue. Don’t even know where the charging port is located lol Can you post more pics of the light?

You got a link to those on ebay or somewhere?

@markyoe ebay:

amazon: They are expensive :anguished:

there is a whole thread on lights here:

I have them. They don’t fit well on RKP trucks as is but you can put them on nevertheless, just feels weird with the kingpin in the middle. I might design and 3d print some sort of support bracket. On evolve type trucks they are good.

Mod should probably move this discussion to the lights thread, yeah :slight_smile:

I guess, I’m not a fan of the lights thread. Information is mismatched with the content.