Truck off, this doesn't make sense

So why are (most) eboards based on Paris / Caliber / Surf Rodz trucks? Is it solely to do with the design of the motor mount and therefore trucks which allow enough clamping force, or is there something else? Why aren’t there mounts / builds with Ronin, Bear, Gullwing etc etc trucks?

Some mount dont fit in. You really can if you wanted! The price is gona be shit high. Those precision trucks are meant for speed and long cruise, not so much effective with eboard. The benefits of precision trucks are too small if you could take extra batteries, protective gears and or better system.

sure - but on an eboard we’re not going slow right? i mean, we’re not going 70mph, but 26mph isn’t slow either. wouldn’t we want trucks that are stable and built for speed?

or put another way, whats’ the difference between $25 trucks and $50 trucks, for an eboard?

People just want cheap and good enough because Im sure they haven’t tried other trucks. Like even 44 calibers vs 50 calibers and then those versus cast Ronin that are a bit pricey but so worth it. Also you have to consider that you want something that is wide so you can run two motors on one truck if you wanted to. Also something that is easiest to mount like the d shape of caliber is going to make it a winner without having to modify it.

Agree that eboard goes way faster than normal longboarder, which means precision truck suppose to be the standard setup for safety. But again the clst of those trucks are ridiculous. And yet when your making an eboard, who knew what could be bolt into thos trucks and or bend it due to tension. CNC trucks are not as rigid as cast trucks.

Again even if you have the most precise CNC trucks, if you use cheap deck that the holes are miss aligned, well it doesnt matter so much in the end.

Id love to buy ronin or cnc caliber II, but Id rather spend it on extra batteries and accesories. Those 50-60 usd a set are the most recommended. Cheaper trucks are horrible at coasting. Same applies to too cheap bearings.

I have a pair of bear trucks. They are great. However, the truck is round and that makes it difficult to clamp onto in a reliable fashion. Compared to caliber trucks which have a large flat side that is great for clamping.

I have always used a standard generic truck for my builds. I have also used randal and paris clones.

I think people choose the caliber because its easy to bolt a mount to.

Yeah it’s mostly about cost like how abec 11 clones are good enough for most people. People go super fast downhills with any kind of trucks way faster than any of us go. It’s all in how much you want to spend. But don’t think it’s a coincidence that the fastest skateboard non electric and electric are both with Ronin trucks

yea, ok - all makes sense :wink:

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I think the Paris and Calibers rank well compared to the upscale trucks out there.

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Great comparison in that link.

Straight axles seems most important for us and if not straight at least having a loose bearing fit on the axle otherwise seems you’d have wheels not going exactly the same direction and they’d therefore have less distance per watt and greater wheel wear

I use Seismic G3s on both front and back (hubs) because I can tweak them a lot on the go. I also like the aesthetic (even if it doesn’t fully make up for its obscene weight).

Most trucks aren’t designed for electric skateboards in mind so they almost all have tapered hangers to increase strength. It makes it harder to use a 12mm to 15mm.

I think the best option would be the SurfRodz Hex TKP option.

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In my experience so far, Calibre trucks offer the most amount of physical room for mounting motors, either single or dual setup. The form factor of the Calibre also gives you a solid mounting platform rather than Paris’s fully circular profile, for example. No modifications are needed most of the time, apart from if you’re using Enertion’s setup with their wheel pulley - you’ll have to remove a small amount of metal, no big deal :slight_smile: However, if you buy Enertion’s trucks (based on the Calibre design) no modifications are needed.

If you end up with standard Calibre II trucks, here’s a video made by our very own @longhairedboy showing how to modify them to accept an Evolve or Enertion wheel pulley setup.

This one was for evolve pulleys but the principle is the same. I take off about 8mm of aluminum for enertion pulleys. Other pulleys don’t use his flanged bearing design that allows the pulley bearing itself to hold the pulley tight against the wheel bearing, so you have to cut more aluminum.

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Ahh crap, sorry dude I’ll edit my post!

the info is still good, no worries. I should do one just for enertion pulleys because one popular mod for the raptors is using genuine caliber trucks. I did one caliber chop for one warranty repair customer on my own dime a while back because he had already used calibers on his old style bolt through pulleys that the raptors used to ship with but we were switching him over to the inserts because of some horrible misalignments that had happened during usage and he had the really pretty silky blue calibers and my heart ached about putting an enertion pulley-cut hanger on there.

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Videos of any of these processes are always great to watch :slight_smile:

Have you tried Funbox Trucks? I got a pair with my Carvon Hub and they are of excellent quality and ride great. Very similar ride to my Calibers. They’re also dirt cheap.

This one is interesting too: